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POWDER ASSAY UNIT [type : pa614] Print
Technical Data

Powder Assay Unit Type (PA 614) : PA 614 manufactured by Nucleonix Systems is a state-of-art microcontroller based integral unit designed primarily to assay samples obtained from uranium mines for knowing the abundence of eU3O8 (Uranium oxide) in percentage or in PPM level. Basically the system consists of single channel gamma ray spectrometer, 2” X 2” NaI detector, lead shielding & a set of standards (of eU3O8) of known concentration.

This unit has powerful embedded code to calculate ore grade in % or PPM level. Of course initially one has to calibrate the system with a known set of standards. The electronic unit consists of LV Power supply card, High Voltage Card, Linear Amplifier card, Single Channel Analyser and Controller based Timer/Counter Cards housed into a single enclosure.

The Powder Assay Unit essentially accepts the input pulses from a Scintillation Detector which gives out electrical pulses proportional in amplitude to the incident Gamma energy. Low Voltage unit provides the necessary LV supplies to power up the circuits for their functionally. The High Voltages card provides the necessary bias for scintillation detector. The detector output initially amplified by Linear Amplifier i.e., fed to the Single Channel Analyser for pulse height analysis. The output events from SCA are counted for a preset time in Controller card. SCA is an important unit in GRS which scans the entire Gamma Spectrum. Controller card has built-in Six digit serial counter & under programme control it can store the data in PPM or % abundence of eU3O8, counts for a given Preset Time, or in CPS or CPM. Readings upto 1000 readings can be stored and recalled on to the LCD dot-matrix display.


  • Facilitates the user to assign a lable for sample identification.
  • Pass word protection to prevent unauthorized tampering of programmed parameters including ‘calib factor’.
  • System facilitates user to enter calib factor, after comparing with the standards data, results.
  • System stores data in cps, cpm, % or PPM ore grade in.
  • Store, recall, save, erase features.
  • Printing of data
  • Data downloading into PC under program control etc.,
a. Output voltage variable continuosly from 0 to 1500 volts.
b. Output current (maximum) 1mA.
c. Load and Line Regulations : better than 0.05% of full scale
d. Indefinite overload and short circuit protections and self recovery.
e. Output ripple less than 25 mV.
f. Dimensions : Two bit Module.
g. HV is adjustable by ten turn helipot with knob.
h. HV indication is provided on a 20x2 LCD DOT MATRIX DISPLAY
a. Input Polarity : Positive or Negative
b. Total Gain ( Typical) : 600 ( approx)
c. Output (Unipolar) : 0V to 8V (usable recommended Linear range)
d. Max. Output (Unipolar) : 12V (Saturation Level)
a. Input : Unipolar or Bipolar with a +ve leading edge 0 to 10V

b. Output Pulse Polarity : Positive
Pulse Amplitude : +5V
Pulse Width : 0.5 micro sec

c. LLD output pulse amplitude : +5V
Output pulse width : 0.5 micro sec
Base line variable by : 10 turn helipot / Dial
Base line variation : 0 to 10 V by helical potentiometer

d. Window width continuosly : Variable by helical potentiometer / Dial
Window : 0-1V in WINDOW mode
ULD range : 0-10V in NORMAL mode

e. LLD, ULD & MODE switch, controls have been provided on front panel


a. Display : 20x2 LCD dotmatrix display has been provided to indicate data counts & Elapsed time

b. Preset time : 0-9999 seconds

c. Command Buttons : START, STOP, PROG, STORE, INC & DEC command buttons have been provided on the front panel key board

d. Modes of Data Acquistion : a. eU3O8 (% or PPM)
b. BG
d. CPS
e. CPM

e. Preset Time Selection : Programmable through switch control buttons

f. Data storage : Upto 1000 readings

g. Programmability : includes selection of preset time storing / recalling of data, starting and stoping of acquistion, lable assignment for data counts such as numbering from 00 to 99.

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