Accssories for Gamma ray spectorometer system

Accssories for Gamma ray spectorometer system -

Technical Data

Scintillation detectors offered include 1″x1″ & 2″x2″ NaI integral assemblies with built-in pre-amplifiers. These detector assemblies give excellent stability, superior performance & good resolution in the range of 8.0 to 9.5% for Cs-137. Scintillation detectors of other sizes can be offered against user specific requirements also. For teaching labs we recommned 1″x1″ or 2″x2″ NaI detector with this integral model.

Important Specifications Detector Type
1. Flat/Well type NaI crystal SD 151 SD 152/Sd 152 W
2. Crystal Sizes 1” x 1” 2” x 2”
3. Well Size (applicable for SD 152 W & Sd 153 W only) 0.656” dia x 1.546” deep
4. Photo multiplier R6095 of Hamamatsu or its equivalent EMI 9857 or 9266 or its equivalent
5. Resulation (Better than) 8.5 % 8.5 %
6. Pre-amplifier Built – in Built – in
7. Gain (Approx.) 25 25
8. Noise (RMS. referred to input) Less than 50 µV Less than 50 µV
9. Operating Voltage 600 to 900 V 700 to 900 V
10. Out put Positive Tail Pulse Positive Tail Pulse
11. Output impedance 90 Ohms 90 Ohms
12. Power Requirement (Typical) -12V @ 12 mA -12V @ 12 mA

Gamma Reference Standard Set Type: GS290 consists of a set of FIVE Gamma sources evaporated & sealed on 25mm dia x 5mm plastic disc covering SIX photopeak energies in the range of 3 to 5 micro curie. A reference chart for this is given below. The accuracy of these sources is in the range of +/-10%. All these dics sources are enclosed in a box made of acrylic sheet and supplied.

Gamma Isotope Energy Mev Nominal Activity Half life
Co-57 0.123 2-5 µci 273 Days
Ba-133 0.36 (Main) 2-5 µci 7.5 years
Cs-137 0.662 2-5 µci 30 years
Co – 60 1.17; 1.33 2-5 µci 5.3 years
Na-22 0.511; 1.280 2-5 µci 2.6 years

A booklet called “Experiments with Gamma Ray Spectrometer” will be supplied with each Gamma Ray Spectrometer kit, when you purchase. This illustrates in details about the experiments that can be done using this kit. Each experiment write-up contains, list of items required, experimental procedure, experimental data, analysis & computations, graphs etc.