Nucleonix Systems has wide range of products covering the entire Nuclear fuel cycle. These equipment, include instrumentation for

Primarily these products are for the monitoring of radiation levels - Area monitoring, Air acitivity monitoring for Alpha, Beta, Krypton & Iodine, Stack gas monitoring, Personnel monitoring instrumentation, Friskers, Pocket dosimeter, Radiation Survey Meters, Contamination monitors, Multichannel analyzers, NIM instrumentation, Nuclear Counting Systems, Radiation detectors & probes etc.

Most of these instruments are type tested & quality ANSI 17A N42A & IEC61000 standards to meet performance specifications. Additionally Area gamma monitors are type tested & qualified seismic tests type IEEE-344 STD. Large number of these products are in use with various Indian Atomic Energy Establishments. Products for uranium mining & exploration have been separately listed under different head, as seen from Home page

Feul cycle

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