Marketing Policy (with in India)
(a) Marketing by company:
As a company policy Nucleonix Systems, markets or sells its products directly to all the major customers such as public sector companies , corporate houses in private sector, Industries, Govt. dept., Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, Universities etc. Dealers / Resellers are normally not authorized to quote to above customer unless, the company specifically authorizes them. All customers desirous to procure products from Nucleonix Systems can directly write to us.
(b) Marketing through dealers / distributers network:
Nucleonix Systems has the policy to offer products sales through dealers / distributer network. This is facilitated so that customers can contact, nearest dealer, at short notice & plan for procurements, if it is convenient for them. It is the responsibility of the dealers to ensure that there is no clash of quotation to the same college/ customer from the dealer, as well as from the manufacturing company. Dealers are authorized to quote to all Govt. / Private colleges (UG & PG), Cancer Hospitals, Institutions, industries which are not covered by the manufacturing company. Dealership terms & conditions: List of products sold through dealers, terms & conditions etc can be obtained from, Nucleonix Systems, Head, Business & Customer Support Division, by sending an email letter.
(c) Marketing Policy (Outside India)
As of now Nucleonix Systems has been marketing the products directly as well as through International dealers / distributors. International customers can directly contact us and send sales inquiries or contact international dealer in their country. For all exports from Nucleonix Systems to other countries, products & services are channelized through International Dealers / Distributors. Nucleonix Systems is in the process of appointing international marketing representatives, Interested firms / companies may write to Head, Business & Customer Support, or Managing Director. Customers desirous to obtain more commercial / technical information may send email request to customer support division, at
Equipment Repairs / Servicing Policy (With in India)
(a) During Warrantee
The following procedure is to be followed by the customers with in India for availing services/ repairing facility during warrantee period.
(b) After warrantee Services
Equipment Repairs / Servicing policy (For Exports)
Equipments, manufactured & exported are subjected to a well defined quality assurance (QA) plan & Factory acceptance tests (FAT). Nucleonix systems has the following policy to provide maintenance support to overseas customers either directly or through international dealers / distributors.
(a) During & after warranty :
Annual maintenance contract (AMC)
Annual maintenance contract (AMC) services :
For all sophisticated instruments & systems and also for installed monitors & networked systems in a nuclear facility or a Radiological lab or in a Medical cyclotron facility where no. of instruments are networked, it is advised that customer enters into an economical Annual maintenance contract with Nucleonix system. Detailed AMC proposal can be obtained from our customer support division (CSD), by giving required inputs.
Inputs required by our CSD to send you AMC proposal :
Advantage of entering into AMC :
Training on maintenance / servicing : (Both Indian & Foreign Customers)
Regarding training charges & duration of training please find out from our Customer Support Division executive by sending an e-mail.
Production Status
Dear valued customer we request you to enter your W.O (work order) No. assigned by Nucleonix Systems, or Registered Mobile No. against your P.O to know the supply schedule.
Repair & Calibration status – Updated as on 22/12/2021
Dear valued customer we request you to enter your S.W.O (service work order) No. assigned by Nucleonix Systems, or Registered Mobile No. against your work order to know the dispatch schedule.
Nucleonix Systems, Calibration facilities are accredited to ‘National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories’ ( A Constituent Board of Quality Council of India) & an accreditation certificate issued on 17/07/2019 is shown here. Also a letter on the “Scope of Work Accreditation” is also issued by NABL. We would like to mention that hence forth all Radiation Monitors, will undergo calibration process, as certified by NABL. We will undertake calibration of even other ‘makes’, apart from ‘Nucleonix Systems’, manufactured and supplied products. Of course it is essential that other products are in working condition,when we receive them here. Please note that Nucleonix System will not be responsible for any transit damages. You are requested to cover transit insurance & inform the same with details to our staff.
How to avail calibration services:
1. You may contact our ‘ Services’ Executive Mrs. Sowmya or Quality Manger Pulla Rao on Mobile : 7331104482, Land Line : 040-29706483 / 84 / 85 Ext : 31 / 35 or by Email & send the details of the equipment / Radiation Monitor that you want to calibrate & ask for a quotation or download our quotation from our website under’ services’ button, by selecting ‘Calibration’ option, you will find download option at the bottom of ‘calibration’ procedure.

2. Once you have the quote, prepare a work order / P.O Email it & send the equipment for calibration, provided it in working condition(Nucleonix make only). If the equipment needs repairs & calibration, then send the equipment to our works, with you letter & other details as required by us. After we inspect, on receiving the equipment we will send service charges estimate / quote, including calibration charges.

3. Once we take the job for repairs / calibration, it will be updated in the ‘ Services Window’ in our website & status of repairs / calib / despatch status will be updated, periodically for your remote visibility. Also in case information given is inadequate, you can also telephonically or through email, find out current status of your job.There is no need to call our staff to know the status. In case you want to know personally you can always call.

4. In respect of other ‘makes’ ( Non – Nucleonix make) including imported Radiation Monitors, you have to send the equipment along with user manual, for calibration after you speak to our ‘Service Executive’ & on their acceptance only, unit is to be sent to our works. Only working units will be taken up for calibration. After we inspect & ensure that the unit is in working condition, we will request you to send us work order / P.O for calibration.In case it is faulty or we cannot calibrate for other technical reasons, we will return the unit. However, there will be handling charges for which includes, inspection charges by our engineer, packing, freight charges etc.

5. On completion of the job, unit(s) will be dispatched by ‘billing & despatch section’. Please note that both ways, transit insurance is not in our scope & it is to be covered by you. if you require it. Also you may indicate, if you have any preferred couriers. Alternatively we will despatch it by our regular couriers FEDEX or their nominee, if Fedex Service is not covered or speed post etc.

6. Our standard calibration charges per equipment (All types of Radiation monitors including portable survey meters, contamination monitors & Area Gamma Monitors) are Rs: 5000 + Packing + Freight charges. You can email a ‘ work order’ accepting these charges. For pocket dosimeters it is Rs: 3000/+ Packing & Freight etc. Email your work order and despatch / send the equipment to our works if it is 6 years old or less including details of mode of transport sent with docket particulars. Also mention in your work order & clearly indicate that you will agree to pay calibration charges & also equipment repair charges additionally if the unit is faulty, if it requires, repairs before we take it up for calibration.

7. You are requested to ensure good packing to avoid any transportation damages. Especially if there are external detector probes, they are to be packed with sufficient soft foam to ensure no damage in transportation, occurs. Use only the specified following mode of transportation system for dispatching on door delivery basis. XPS/GATI cargo / Courier/RPP/Speed Post parcel etc. Send the equipment on freight paid basis. (Equipments sent by other methods such as Rail/Road etc will not be collected). Also you can cover for transit insurance both ways if you wish. Nucleonix system is not responsible for any transportation damages or loss during transportation both ways. Immediately on receipt of the equipment, we will send an acknowledgement & also a proforma bill by email/ post. Based on the proforma bill, once we receive the payment, equipment will be dispatched back by similar mode of transportation as mentioned above.
Calibration Standards Lab & Facility:
We have two calibration labs. i. Low Level Calibration Lab. ii. High Dose Rate Calibration lab.
Low Level Calibration Lab :
This has a Cs-137, 165 mci standard. “Gamma Survey Instruments Calibrator” from Amersham. This calibration service has NIST Traceability standard. Calibration of all portable radiation monitors, survey meters, contamination monitors, Area monitors etc., is carried out in this lab upto 1 R/hr max dose rates. Gamma Survey instruments calibrator has Cs-137 source 161.5 mCi as on 05 Aug 2002. It is basically a gamma survey instruments calibrator procured from AEA Technologies UK/USA. Has NIST traceability accuracy within +/_ 7%
High Dose Rate Calibration Lab :
This lab has a 8 Ci , Co-60 standard housed in a CRC-2 camera, operated remotely viewed through CCTV arrangement. High dose rate survey meters, High level Area monitors etc are calibrated in this lab. This CRC-2 camera is housed in a separate concrete building. All the radiation monitors manufactured by Nucleonix Systems are authentically calibrated at this facility, before they are shipped / dispatched. CRC-2 camera has Co-60 standard obtained from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai. It is a certified source.