Nucleonix Systems (P) Ltd., founded in the year 1990, carries rich product design and manufacturing experience in the field of Nuclear Radiation Monitoring Instrumentation. The company is primarily established to meet the partial requirements of the above said instrumentation in Nuclear Research Centers, Atomic Power Stations, Radiotherapy Departments, Nuclear Medicine Centers, Medical Cyclotron Facilities, PET-CT Centers and other Radiological Installations.

Since Nucleonix Systems has wide range of products, an attempt has been made to bring out an exclusive catalog on Health Physics Instrumentation for applications in Medical Physics, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Cyclotron Facilities & PET-CT Centers.

With a strong base in the manufacturing of Nuclear Counting Systems & Modular Instrumentation for various applications, Nucleonix Systems ventured into manufacturing of Portable Radiation Monitors with technology transfer agreement from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (Mumbai), a premier Research Institute in Nuclear Sciences, in April 1990. Based on the above technology, in the year 1990 itself, a few types of Hand Held Portable Radiation Survey Meters, a Digital Contamination Monitor were introduced. Over the years, these designs went through several improvements.

Further in the year 1992, Nucleonix Systems developed Gamma Area Monitor in the range (0-100mR/hr) useful for Cancer Hospitals for installations near teletherapy, Brachytherapy, & other Machines (Medical Systems).

Year 1993 was another milestone. A first PC based. Thermoluminescence Dosimeter Reader was developed and introduced to acquire and analyze digitized TL glow curve. This system finds applications in Medical Dosimetry, Phantom studies, Patient Dosimetry, Therapy Machine calibration checks etc. This is highly recommended for Cancer Research Hospitals, and also serves as a good lab experimental tool for a P.G Course in Medical Physics.

During the years 2005-2007, designs of most of the portable radiation monitors which include Survey Meters for Gamma, Digital Contamination Monitors, Micro-R-Survey Meter, were improved with measuring units, both in R & Sv, apart from CPS & CPM modes, wherever required. Additional storage facility with data down loading facility into PC was also added.

Year 2008/2009 lead to another important development in the area of Pocket Dosimeters. Si-diode detector based Pocket Dosimeters of two types were launched, namely ‘Pen type Pocket Dosimeter’ to compute & display both dose & dose rate, and the other model is waist belt worn type Alarm Dosimeter with docking stations. A ‘Personnel Dose Records Data Management Software’ also has been developed.

This will be a good tool for institutions, who would like to maintain dose records data for personnel in a Radiotherapy department / Nuclear Medicine Center or a Cyclotron & PET-CT Center. Pocket Dosimeters can be worn by staff working in a Radiological Medical Cyclotron Facility / Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine depts, to know the dose levels received by them.

In the years 2012 – 2018, we introduced a Gamma Ray Spectroscopy System with MCA useful to test isotope purity & energy of the Radio-nuclides such as FDG/F-18,Tc-99,I-131 etc; produced in a Medical Cyclotron.

‘Nucleonix Systems’ also developed Neutron Survey Meter & Area Monitor, Beta-Gamma Hand Foot & Clothing Monitor and Next-Gen Area Gamma Monitors with TFT display etc. during the above period.

In the year 2018-2019, we developed Stack Monitoring System required for a Medical Cyclotron Facility. A networking software called ‘Radgrid’ was developed to read the data from all the networked monitors in the Medical Cyclotron. Thus now ‘Nucleonix Systems’ has the capability to offer complete package of Nuclear radiation measuring instrumentation required for a Medical Cyclotron Facility.

Additional contributions have been in the education segment, by way of offering complete Nuclear Instrumentation package for laboratory courseware for a P.G. course in Medical / Radiological Physics. Majority of Indian Universities have our equipments in use. Nucleonix Systems is committed to develop, manufacture and supply state-of-art products to meet the requirements in Radiotherapy Departments, Nuclear Medicine Centers, Cyclotron PET-CT Centers and other Radiological installations. Nucleonix Systems is a support oriented company dedicated for the above cause.

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