Health Physics Instrumentation – is essentially Radiation Protection instrumentation that is required in Radiotherapy departments, Nuclear medicine centers, medical cyclotron, PET-CT centers for radiation doserate & contamination level measurements, near theraphy machines in work areas where one intends to measure from safety angle. Also this instrumentation is used for training & in Research applications in Medical / Radiological Physics / Nuclear Medicine. Since Nucleonix systems has wide range of products for diverse applications & market segments, for ease of browsing & for the user to select his instrumentation requirement, this section has been separately classified. It is likely that user may have requirements for products not listed under this classification. For e.g. university P.G courses in medical physics, Radiological physics & Radiation physics for both teaching & research lab requirements of instrumentation it is good to either browse complete product range or products under university education & research segments.

As far as this section is concerned, it contains portable radiation monitor for Alpha, Beta & Gamma radiation measurements, near therapy machines, doserate measurement and also for contamination measurement in nuclear medicine centers, & PET-CT centers & medical cyclotron facility.

Area Gamma monitors & Stack monitoring system included in this section are limited to those models which are required for use in radiotherapy departments & in a medical cyclotron facility in different labs including Hot labs in that facility. If you require other than these ranges specified, then browse complete range, to choose other models.

This section has additionally personal monitoring instrumentation which includes Pocket Dosimeters & TLD badge readers etc. with dose records data management software, Beta – Gamma Hand & Foot Monitors for personnel monitoring in a medical cyclotron facility.

Other important products include ‘NaI scintillation detector based Gamma Ray Spectrometer with 8K MCA. This system is essential in medical cyclotron facilities for checking the isotope purity & energy of the isotopes, produced which may include TC-99, FDG-18 etc. TLD research reader is another product which has lot of applications in medical dosimetry & medical physics research.

Nucleonix systems can offer complete package of Nuclear Instrumentation, required for a medical cyclotron facility. Nucleonix has executed a few projects of such nature in India.

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