DHRUV – The Integrated CBRNE Detection, Hazard Management & Protection Solution for Critical Infrastructure / Vehicle Protection / Ground / Airborne / Naval.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive (CBRNE) emergencies are one involving CBRNE agents (i.e., toxic and hazardous chemicals/materials, chemical and biological warfare agents, toxic radiological materials, etc.). CBRNE emergencies occur as a result of occupational exposure, fire, explosion, release of toxicants, and warfare, and are caused either by ignorance, negligence, incompetence, accident, or malicious intention. Threat perception is further compounded by activities of hostile countries, non-state actors, terrorists leading to low-intensity conflicts, tempering/sabotage, etc.

The emergence of state-sponsored terrorism, proliferation of chemical/biological weapons, availability of materials and scientific weapons expertise, and recent increases in less discriminate attacks, all points toward a growing probability of occurrence of mass casualty incident. A disastrous situation implies severe disruption, which greatly exceeds the coping capacity of the affected community. Governmental agencies, healthcare professionals, and public health advocates always look for the best ways to mitigate the potential impact of mass casualty potential of CBRNE emergencies. During mass casualty incidences, the overwhelming of local resources is one of the biggest challenges.

CBRN threats are no longer hype or horror, but a stern reality throughout the world. No country is an exception, and is highly prone due to hostile neighbours and porous borders.

CBRNE terrorism would aim at drawing attention to terrorist’s propaganda/demands, because such organizations are publicity hungry. Soft targets for such terrorist activities would include VIP buildings, Strategic locations, densely populated locations, crowded areas like fairs, religious congregations, entertainment clubs, rallies, mega cultural/sports events, etc. There is a distinct probability of use of ‘Dirty Bombs – aka radioactive dispersal devices’ and chemical/biological agents to kill or incapacitate the military/paramilitary forces and the undefended civilian targets.


‘DHRUV’ is an Indigenous, comprehensive, integrated CBRN solution comprising of CBRN detection sensors, Command control network setup and software, Hazard prediction, Auto CBRN Protection mechanism. Optionally, Anti-drone system, Food safety equipment can be integrated into the solution. The solution can be implemented for Critical infrastructure/Strategic buildings and Defence Vehicles – Land/Air/Naval.

The solution integrates Command Control Network Grid to various Nuclear sensors, Radiological sensors, Chemical sensors, Biological sensors, Weather sensors, Location sensors, Alarming Units, Command Control software, GIS/Hazard prediction software and NBC Protection Shelters comprising all necessary survival kits. The solution is aimed at detecting a CBRN incident, continuously monitor the hazard post incident, plan the survival, protect the personnel/public and assets post incident, generate the inputs necessary for decontamination.

To counter Drone based, Food based threats, additional Anti Drone system, Food safety lab equipment are also networked into the Command Control Network Grid. Optionally, the data is transmitted to secure Cloud Database and is available for remote viewing & monitoring using remote command control software. Additionally, the sensor data can be optionally made available on public portal or Mobile Apps.

Sensors and components include:
  • Nuclear sensors that detect Nuclear explosion and Neutrons.
  • Radiological sensors to measure fallout radiation.
  • Radiological sensors to detect clandestine movement of radioactive material in vehicles, people, objects.
  • Chemical sensors that detect Chemical Warfare Agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals.
  • Biological sensors that detects sudden surge in bio agents concentration.
  • Hazard prediction software.
  • Alarming Units.

  • Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear-Explosive-(CBRNE)