Equipment Repairs & Calibration Services


How to avail calibration services (For Indian Customers) Nucleonix Systems offers radiation calibration services to its customers. Calibration services are provided for Nucleonix Systems manufactured products and also to others manufactured products. Nucleonix Systems Calibration Facilities are now accredited by NABL – National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. Hence we are an authorized lab for offering Radiation calibration services. We are attaching the following documents namely 1) “Certificate of Accreditation”. and 2) “Scope of Accreditation”, given by National Accreditation board for testing & calibration laboratories, in the following pages.

How to avail calibration services: As per the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) guide lines, it is necessary to calibrate any Radiation Monitoring equipment once in two years. When you want to send your Radiation Monitor / Area Monitor / Contamination Monitor etc. for calibration to our works, you may send the equipment for calibration, by following the steps given below:

Our standard calibration charges per equipment (All types of Radiation Monitors including Portable Survey Meters, Contamination Monitors & Area Gamma Monitors) are Rs: 6000 + Packing + Freight charges. If the Radiation monitors of other makes or imported meters then the charges are Rs: 7000 + Packing + Freight charges. You can email a ‘work order’ accepting these charges and calibration certificate is valid for 2 years. These charges may vary from time to time, hence you may obtain fresh quotation when you want to send your unit for calibration.

Email your work order, and despatch / send the equipment to our works if it is 5 years old or less including details of mode of transport sent with docket particulars. If your unit is more than 5 years old, and it is in working condition we may accept the unit for calibration. If it is not in working condition, only on receipt of the unit at our works and on inspection by our engineer, we will confirm on its serviceability and calibration.

Also mention in your work order and clearly indicate that you will agree to pay calibration charges and also equipment repair charges additionally if the unit is faulty and requires repairs, before one can take it up for calibration.

You are requested to ensure good packing to avoid any transportation damages. Especially, if there are external detector probes, they are to be packed with sufficient soft foam to ensure no damage in transportation.

Use only the specified following mode of transportation system for dispatching on door delivery basis. FEDEX/GATI cargo / Courier / RPP / Speed Post parcel etc. Send the equipment on freight paid basis. (Equipments sent by other methods such as Rail / Road etc will not be collected). Also you can cover for transit insurance both ways if you wish. Nucleonix system is not responsible for any transportation damages or loss during transportation both ways.

Immediately on receipt of the equipment, we will send an acknowledgment & also a proforma bill by email / post. Based on the proforma bill, once we receive the payment, equipment will be dispatched back by similar mode of transportation as mentioned above.

8.5 How to avail calibration services (For Foreign Customers) Foreign customers can calibrate Nucleonix make Radiation Monitors / equipments in their country at any of their accredited Radiation calibration labs. Nucleonix systems will be happy to provide any help and guidance if needed, for calibration. Alternatively if you send the equipment here to India we can also provide calibration services. We can also undertake calibration of other make Radiation monitors at our NABL accredited calibration lab.

Calibration Standards Lab & Facility:
We have two calibration labs.
i. Low Level Calibration Lab.
ii. High Dose Rate Calibration lab.

Gamma Survey instruments calibrator has Cs-137 source 107.43 mCi as on 01 Jan 2020. It is basically a gamma survey instruments calibrator procured from AEA Technologies UK/USA. Has NIST traceability accuracy within +/-7% .

High Dose Rate Calibration Lab: This lab has a 7.43 Ci , Co-60 standard housed in a CRC-2 Camera, operated remotely viewed through CCTV arrangement. High dose rate Survey Meters, High level Area Monitors etc are calibrated in this lab. This CRC-2 Camera is housed in a separate concrete building. All the radiation monitors manufactured by Nucleonix Systems are authentically calibrated at this Facility, before they are shipped / dispatched.

CRC-2 Camera has Co-60 standard obtained from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai. It is a certified source.

Availing of Maintenance / Calibration Services and Warranty Clause

As per the warranty clause of the company, we provide one year warranty during which period we provide free service at our works. Hence in case of any mal-function in our instruments, you are requested to send the unit back to our works by RPP / COURIER / SPEED POST PARCEL / GATI / FEDEX / door delivery. We shall arrange immediate rectification/replacement within two weeks from the date of receipt of the equipment at our place. Please note that the equipment will be serviced at our works only.

The equipment is to be sent to:
The Servicing Department
Plot No: 162 A & B, PHASE II, I.D.A. Cherlapally, Hyderabad – 500 051.
Phone: 040-29706483 / 84 / 85, Mobile No: 7331104481 / 82.
E-mail: Web :

For all the Radiation Monitoring equipment, detectors built-in or external probes will not have one-year warranty, but only inspection warranty at the time of supply is provided. Since detectors will / may have fragile glass construction, we do not provide warranty. In case of failure of these components, Nucleonix will supply detector replacement at cost-cost price.

Note: In respect of all types of portable radiation monitors, it may be necessary to checkup and recalibrate the equipment once in a year at our works.

During Warrantee
The following procedure is to be followed by the customers within India for availing services/ repairing facility during warrantee period.

After warrantee Services
On expiry of 1yr warrantee, if you like to send the equipment (low cost less than 6.0 lakhs) for repairs to our works, you may please observe the following procedure.

Equipments, manufactured and exported are subjected to a well defined quality assurance (QA plan & Factory acceptance tests (FAT. Nucleonix systems has the following policy to provide maintenance support to overseas customers either directly or through international dealers / distributors.

During & after warranty:

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT (AMC) Annual maintenance contract (AMC) services:
For all sophisticated instruments & systems and also for installed monitors & networked systems in a Nuclear Facility or a Radiological Lab or in a Medical Cyclotron Facility where number of instruments are networked, it is advised that customers enter into an economical Annual maintenance contract with Nucleonix Systems. Detailed AMC proposal can be obtained from our customer support division (CSD), by giving required inputs.

Inputs required by our CSD to send you AMC proposal:
Name, year & data of purchase, Sl. Nos. of equipments, Model No’s, No. of equipments for which AMC is required. Additionally number of calls per annum required for preventive & breakdown maintenance may also be indicated.

Advantage of entering into AMC: