1K/8K Multi Channel Analyzer with USB Interface Built-In High Voltage & Shaping Amplifier *

1K/8K Multi Channel Analyzer with USB Interface Built-In High Voltage & Shaping Amplifier * [ TYPE : MC1000 ]

Technical Data

Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) is an important part of nuclear spectroscopy system. The major requirement of MCA is for nuclear Pulse Height Analysis(PHA) in energy spectroscopy. The USB-MCA presented here, incorporates state of art technologies like FPGA, USB bus interface and precision analog electronics to meet the stringent system requirements in nuclear pulse spectroscopy. The resolution supported by the USB-MCA ranges from 256 channels to 1K/8K channels selectable via software, making it suitable for all spectroscopy applications of low resolution (e.g. NaI-PMT).

The USB bus interface of the MCA provides an excellent connectivity with most of the new PCs and lap-top computers meeting minimum requirements of PC. The ANUSPECT application software provided with the USB-MCA, seamlessly integrates with the hardware, featuring a range of standard functions required for analysis and acquisition.

Note: 1K/8K MCA & Anuspect processing software are manufuctured & supplied by NUCLEONIX based on Baba Atomic Research Centre,Technology

Hardware features:
MCA resolution: 256, 512, 1K/8K.Spectrum memory: 128K bytes single port SRAM.
Max counts / channel: 31 bit (2 Giga counts).
Pulse processing time 7µsec including ADC conversion time of 5µsec.
Pile up rejection: Active high TTL input from spectroscopy amplifier.
DNL: 1% INL : 0.05% F.S.
MCA Input: Single channel, 0 to 10 volts.
Built-in shaping amplifier with adj. gain features from rear panel.
Built-in High Voltage module for detector bias (0-1200V @ 0.5A). Adjustability from rear panel trimpot
MCA module dimensions : 240mm Length x 95mm Width x 85mm Depth
Software features:

Minimum Requirements for Installing Anuspect Software:

Operating system – Windows 7 or Higher Versions
CPU – Intel I3 or Above
RAM – Minimum 2 GB
Graphics Hardware – Direct X 9.Oc or Higher

Input Power:

(100-240V), A.C (47-63) Hz, A.C Power adaptor accepts above input & provides required 12V D.C @ 1A for the MCA module.


Nucleonix Systems offers wide range of NaI Scintillation Detectors of different sizes both with flat & well type crystals, to meet the requirements of wide range of users for Gamma ray spectrometry measurements.

Scintillation detectors offered for teaching labs include 1″x1″ & 2″x2″ NaI integral assemblies with built-in pre-amplifiers. These detector assemblies give excellent stability, superior performance & good resolution in the range of 7.0 to 8.5% for Cs-137. Scintillation detectors of other sizes can be offered against user specific requirements also. For teaching labs we recommend 1″x1″ or 2″x2″ NaI detector with this integral model.

Important Specifications
Detector Type
1. Flat/Well type NaI crystal
2. Crystal Sizes
3. Well Size (applicable for SD 152 W & SD 153 W only)
4. Photo multiplier

5. Resolution (Better than)
6. Pre-amplifier
7. Gain (Approx.)
8. Noise (RMS. referred to input)
9. Operating Voltage
10. Out put
11. Output impedance
12. Power Requirement (Typical)
SD 151
1″ x 1″

R6095 of Hamamatsu or its equivalent
8.5 %
Built – in
Less than 50 µV
500 to 900 V
Positive Tail Pulse
90 Ohms
-12V @ 12 mA
SD 152/SD 152 W
2″ x 2″
“0.656” dia x “1.546” deep

EMI 9857 or 9266 or its equivalent

8.5 %
Built – in
Less than 50 µV
700 to 900 V
Positive Tail Pulse
90 Ohms
-12V @ 12 mA

Gamma Reference Standard Set Type: GS290 consists of a set of FIVE Gamma sources evaporated & sealed on 25mm dia x 5mm plastic disc covering SIX photopeak energies in the range of 3 to 5 micro curie. A reference chart for this is given below. The accuracy of these sources is in the range of +/-10%. All these dics sources are enclosed in a box made of acrylic sheet and supplied.

Gamma Isotope Energy Mev Nominal Activity Half life
Co-57 0.123 2-5 µci 273 Days
Ba-133 0.36 (Main) 2-5 µci 7.5 years
Cs-137 0.662 2-5 µci 30 years
Co – 60 1.17; 1.33 2-5 µci 5.3 years
Na-22 0.511; 1.280 2-5 µci 2.6 years