Accssories for Gamma ray spectorometer system (Copy)

Accssories for Gamma ray spectorometer system (Copy) -

Technical Data

Scintillation detectors offered include 1″x1″, 2″x2″ & 3″x3″ NaI integral assemblies with built-in pre-amplifiers. These detector assemblies give excellent stability, superior performance & good resolution in the range of 8.0 to 9.5% for Cs-137. Scintillation detectors of other sizes can be offered against user specific requirements also.

Important Specifications Detector Type
1. Flat/Well type NaI crystal SD 151 SD152F SD152W SD153F SD153W
Crystal Sizes 1” x 1” 2” x 2” 2” x 2” 3” x 3” 3” x 3”
a. Flat crystal Flat Flat Well Flat Well
b. Well Size (applicable for well type detectors only) Not applicable Not applicable 0.75” dia X 1.43” deep Not applicable 0.656” dia X 2.063” deep
Resulation (Better than) 8.5 % 8.5 % 9 % 8.5 % 9 %
Photo multiplier R6095 of Hamamatsu or its equivalent EMI 9857 or 9266 or its equivalent EMI 9305 or its equivalent
Pre-amplifier Built – in Built – in Built – in
Gain (Approx.) 25 25 25
Noise (RMS. referred to input) Less than 50 µV Less than 50 µV Less than 50 µV
Operating Voltage 600 to 900 V 700 to 900V 750 to 900V
Out put Positive Tail Pulse Positive Tail Pulse Positive Tail Pulse
Output impedance 90 Ohms 90 Ohms 90 Ohms
Power Requirement (Typical) -12V @ 12 mA -12V @ 12 mA -12V @ 12 mA

Gamma Reference Standard Set Type: GS290 consists of a set of FIVE Gamma sources evaporated & sealed on 25mm dia x 5mm plastic disc covering SIX photopeak energies in the range of 3 to 5 micro curie. A reference chart for this is given below. The accuracy of these sources is in the range of +/-10%. All these dics sources are enclosed in a box made of acrylic sheet and supplied.

Note : BRIT is not able to supply this Mn-54 at present. In view of this we are able to give only 5 sources in the Gamma Reference set.

Gamma Isotope Energy MeV Nominal Activity Half life
Co-57 0.123 2-5 µCi 273 Days
Ba-13 0.36 (Main) 2-5 µCi 7.5 years
Na-22 0.511; 1.280 2-5 µCi 2.6 Years
Cs-137 0.662 2-5 µCi 30 Years
Co-60 1.17; 1.33 2-5 µCi 5.3 Years

This consists of 40mm thick lead shielding cylindrical rings assembled according to the detector. There is a provision in the bottom ring through which system connections are given to the detector, which is placed inside the lead shield.