Technical Data
manual It is primarily used for routine checking of Alpha contamination on floor, work benches, walls and beams etc. in active labs. It is a microcontroller based unit designed to indicate contamination in CPS or CPM or preset scaling modes on a LCD display. It has large sensitive area of about 100 Sq.Cm. It operates on 7.5V, dry cells. Well designed handle for holding has been provided the instrument.
Radiation Detected: Alpha.
Detected Zns screen covered with aluminized mylar (serves as entrance window) coupled to 2” PMT with a suitable light guide. User can replace Zns Screen when damaged.
Detector Viewing Area 110sq cm scintillator with a sensitive area of more than 80%.
PMT 2″ photomultiplier tube.
Typical Operating Voltage Range: 750 – 900V
Energy Response Within +/- 20% of true response from 60 KeV to 1.25 Mev.
Modes of operation: CPS, CPM and Preset times modes.
Efficiency: Better than 25% at centre.
Background: Less than 1cpm.
Preset Time: (1-9999) Sec
Counts Capacity: 9999.
Built-in Storage: 999 readings can be stored and recalled onto display.
RS 232 (Optional): PC connectivity through RS 232 port for dumping data.
RTC (Optional): Real time clock for time stamp of each data.
Display: 16×2, dot matrix LCD display.
HV: HV adjustable internally 750V-900V (Factory Set) depending on the PMT used.
Power: Operable on standard dry cells (1.5V X 5) 7.5 volts DC, Size AA, LR6, Alkaline cells BPL Excell or its equivalent or Rechargeable NiMH (1.2Vx5)6VDC, size AA, LR6 or Battery eliminator
Weight : 1.5Kg (Approx.)
Note: 1. Carrying Case (Optional): A carrying case suitable during transportation can be offered optionally. 2. Battery eliminator can be supplied at extra cost.