Continuous Air Monitor Dual Scintillator Based

Continuous Air Monitor Dual Scintillator Based TYPE: NXG_CAM

Technical Data

Continuous Air Monitor, Type: NXG_CAM4 manufactured by Nucleonix Systems, is a dual scintillator based continuous air monitoring system, designed using state-of-art electronics and is primarily used for, simultaneously checking Alpha & Beta activity present in the form of suspended particulate in air. It is very much essential to monitor the quality of air in & around Radiochemical plants, reprocessing plants in disaster scenario and other strategic locations.

It essentially has an air suction system comprising of a suction pump, rotameter to measure air flow rate, suction chamber with arrangement for trapping of suspended dust particulate onto the filter paper. A dual scintillator based detector assembly, facing the filter paper counts, Alpha and Beta particulate activity simultaneously in CPM /CPS/Bq on continuous basis.

Air-sampler detector assembly consists of a filter holder 60mm dia, a suction chamber with air inlet and outlet & detector housing fabricated with stainless steel. Alpha-Beta detector consists of ZnS(Ag) scintillator deposited on Plastic scintillator of 50mm diameter, coupled to matched PMT with Pre-amplifier. Detector efficiency achieved for Alpha is about 25% with Am241 and for Beta it is about 25% with Sr90 / Y90 and Collection efficiency obtained is better than 97% is achieved with this design. Suction chambers design facilitates the user to easily replace the filter paper periodicallyas per the requirement.

Electronic module: This will indicate, the air sample activity deposited on the filter paper in terms of CPM/ CPS/ Bq .Other built-in electronic sub-systems include HV module, SMPS, controller card, EMI/EMC filters, current loop circuit, relay & relay driver circuit, etc .Front panel has TFT display with touch screen, alarms indication on TFT display, audio buzzer, etc. Enclosure has connectors for connecting to Scintillation probe, 17 pin I/O connector, test sockets, Ethernet connector, A.C. mains switch, fuse holder etc. This module will provide alarm annunciation both visual and aural when the activity exceeds preset level. This system provides current loop output; relay output on 17 pin I/O connector. Ethernet port facilitates connection to NXG_RadGrid / SCADA for data communication for visualization of CAM parameters.


The Low Background Beta counting systems (PC based) manufactured by NUCLEONIX essentially consist of the following constituent units.