Data Acquisition and Alarm Control Unit

Data Acquisition and Alarm Control Unit [TYPE : DAC7203]

Technical Data

Hardware & fault diagnostic check will be carried out periodically. Gamma Probes indicates dose rate digitally on Radgrid software screen.There is a visual annunciator unit GREEN,YELLOW & RED for NORMAL, HARDWARE FAILURE & ACTIVE conditions respectively, showing Radgrid software screen. User interface is through Radgrid Software by using Ethernet Communication, Multiple Units can be networked.

The user interface is through Radgrid Software by using Ethernet Communication. All the Probes can be installed in the measurement area, where as the display unit can be in the Operations / Control Room.

The control unit has a Ethernet 10/100/1000 (DGS 1024C) Mbps port for interfacing with remote PROBES, alarm units & Client PC through Ethernet switch. The features supported by Ethernet port are given below.

The Client PC and the DAC7203 unit shall operate in a Client/Server configuration and the software(RADGRID) protocol will be TCP.

The Client PC software shall be able to view current acquisition data and also ACK alarms remotely.


Data Acquisition :

Start Acquisition :

Once “start acquisition” is selected, instruments get connected to Radgrid through Ethernet communication with respective I.P address .Instrument I.P addresses are saved in local disk D. User can change set location,device name,I.P addresses.

The following details of instruments are displayed :

column-1: location of instrument.

column-2: Device name.

column-3: I.P Address of device.

column-4: Connection status.

column-5: Dose rate level.

column-6: Units of dose rate.

column-7: Alarm status.

column-8: OVR range status.

column-9: OVL status.

column-10: Detector Status.

column-11: HV status.

column-12: “ACK” button for muting the audio.

column-13: “RESET” button for resetting the device.

column-14 : Calibration due date .

column-15: Date and Time.

To disconnect the Rad-Grid or for CONFIG on Clicking “STOP ACQUISITION”then continue.