Geiger counting system (Economy model)

Geiger counting system (Economy model) [ TYPE : GC 601A ]

Technical Data

This counting system can be used for carrying out a number of Nuclear Physics experiments such as Characteristics curve of a G.M. Counter, to verify the inverse square law for Gamma Radiation, Absorption of Beta Radiations, efficiency of G.M.Counter for Beta Radiation, determination of the back scattering factor of a material for beta rays etc,.

G.M. Input (From G.M.Counter) (a) Polarity : Negative
(b) Amplitude : 250 mV (min)
Resolving Time 6 micro sec (approx)
HV Output Variable HV using tenturn pot upto a maximum of 1500 volts at 1 mA. Line and load regulation better than 0.05%. Ripple less than 10mV (rms).
Display 20 x 2 LCD dotmatrix display has been provided to indicate data counts, Elapsed Time and HV.
Counts Capacity 999999 counts
Preset time (0-9999) sec.
Command Buttons START, STOP, PROG, STORE, INC & DEC command buttons have been provided on the front panel key pad.
Programmability Includes selection of Preset Time, Storing / Recalling of data, starting and stopping of acquisition etc,.
G.M. Socket MHV connector for connecting to G.M. Detector.
Power Unit is powered works on 230V, AC, 50Hz through power / adapter which delivers +12V input to unit.
Mechanical Dimensions 236mm(W)X133mm(H)X246mm(D) Approx.