Palm Contamination Monitor

Palm Contamination Monitor [ TYPE : PCM738]

Technical Data

It uses latest state-of- art electronic devices including SOC based on ARM cortex A5 400MHz CPU with associated peripheral devices and other discrete ICs & components. Use of these devices makes it compact & highly reliable. Powerful embedded code adds-up and enhances its performance and gives extra advantage from the angle of fault diagnostics, programmable features & measurement of count rate & data communication under, networked environment.

With power ON, initialization of SOC, peripheral devices, 5” TFT display/timers, counter etc., takes place. Start of counting is initiated by an IR source detector arrangement on detection of palm. Whenever the person place Palm on the Detector assembly Acquisition Automatically take place and shows Palm contamination levels in terms of counts or cps/cpm and Based on the Alarm set point it will Declares the CLEAN or CONTAMINATION Message. Guidance to the user during monitoring is in the form of textual messages at the end of monitoring. Additionally, hardware & fault diagnostic check will be carried out.

Palm contamination Monitor NXG_738 indicates Count rate digitally on TFT display. There are visual annunciator windows, GREEN & RED for CLEAN & CONTAMINATION conditions respectively, shown on TFT display. The RED window screen flashes, when the count rate alarm occurs and in CLEAN condition the GREEN window glows.

Detector Zns (Ag) Scintillator of dimensions 140x220mm covered with Aluminized mylar film and coupled to suitable 2Pi PMT serves as the Alpha detector. It is also provided with a rugged SS grill for protection to the detection assembly
Palm / Clothing Mode By an IR sensors selection
Efficiency >25%
DISPLAY: 16×4 dot matrix LCD for configuration & display of counts
Preset time 1 – 99 sec
Measuring Range 0 – 9999 counts / 0-9999 CPS / 0-99999 CPM
Preset counts range 1 – 9999 counts
User Interface A 2×2 matrix detachable keypad has been provided for configuring the instrument
Indication Counting ON, Clean, Contaminated, Incomplete operation, High Background
Audio Warning audio signals for contaminated and incomplete operation
Data storage & transfer Data storage facility for last 1000 readings is provided. Each reading is stored along with time stamp. This data can be transferred through the USB port to PC
Power Supply 230V AC, /- 10% at 50Hz