Linear Amplifier

Linear Amplifier [ TYPE : LA 520 ]

Technical Data

This unit features compact modular construction and its power requirements are met by Instrumentation bin and power supplies including minibin and power supply MB403 of Nucleonix make or its equivalent.

Input Polarity Positive or Negative
Input Impedance 93 ohms
Total Gain Typical 600 +/-10% with 1 micro second time constant, Controlled by three gain controls ,Accuracy : +/-10%
Gain Adjustment a. Input attenuator : Attenuator factors x2.5 & x 1
b. Coarse gain : 0.2, 0.5, 1,2,3,5 & 8 by rotary switch
c. Fine gain : About adjustable by a ten turn helipot and knob/ precision dial.
Pulse shaping Differentiating and integration RC time constants variable from 0.1 micro second to 5 micro second in sequence of 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 with a provision of switching integration IN/OUT
Amplifier Rise Time Better than 100 nano seconds with no integration and 0.1 micro second differentiation constant
Output 0 to 8V positive, 12V maximum unipolar
Output Impedance Approximately 93 ohms
Amplifier noise/th> Equivalent input noise 10 micro volts rms typical at maximum gain and 1 microsecond integration and differentiation
Linearity The integral non-linearity is less than 0.15% from 200 mV to 8 mV at 1 micro sec time constant, integration IN.
Power Requirement +24V at 45mA, -24V at 40mA, +12V at 20mA, -12V at 5mA
Dimensions Standard two width module
Temperature Stability 0.01% per degree centigrade
Module connector Amphenol connector type 26-159-24P-H (24 pin type) or NIM standard, as per AEC specifications TID 20893 (Rev) Type AMP 204186-5