Low Range Smart Gamma Probe

Low Range Smart Gamma Probe [TYPE : GP7201]

Technical Data

With power ON, initialization of SoC, peripheral devices, counter etc, takes place. Followed by this, dose rate, calculation takes place in the selected unit such as mR/hr. Additionally, hardware & fault diagnostic check will be carried out. LOW Range Smart Gamma Probe GP7201 indicates dose rate digitally on Radgrid software screen . There is a visual annunciator unit GREEN , YELLOW & RED for NORMAL, HARDWARE FAILURE & ACTIVE conditions respectively, shown Radgrid software screen.

User interface is through Radgrid Software by using Ethernet Communication, Multiple Units can be networked. The user interface is through Radgrid Software by using Ethernet Communication. It can be installed in the measurement area, where as the display unit can be in the Operations / Control Room.

Radiation to be detected : Gamma Radiation & X- Rays.
Range : 0.01 −1000 mR/hr
0.1- 10mSv/hr
0- 50000 CPM
Range and Unit are configurable.Range extend-able to 10R/h on request.
Detector : Energy compensated Halogen – quenched G. M. Tube having a sensitivity of 7.5 cps /mR/ hr.
Energy Response : +/-25% from 100keV upto 1.25MeV.
Accuracy : +/ – 10% Full scale with Cesium source.
EHT : 400V to 700 V DC adjustable (Typical 500V) (factory set).
Display : 5”TFT is used for display of doserate, hardware status information & also for visualization of preset alarm and other parameters.
Overload : Senses overload above 200% of full scale and upto 1R/ h & indicates on display “OFL”.
Over-range : Senses if the radiation field being measured has exceeded the measurement range of the instrument and upto 200% of the instrument and displays“OVR”.
Time Constant : First Stable reading on Power ON within 1 min.
Normal (Slow) : 30sec to 0.5 sec automatically varying inversely with the radiation level.
Abrupt detection : Update the current reading within 2 sec.
Calibration Accuracy : +/- 10% through out the range.
Alarm range : 0.1 mR/Hr to 999.99mR/hr , 1 μSv/Hr to 9999mSv/hr, 1-50000 CPM .The alarm level setting will be carried out through Radgrid Software by Ethernet Communication.
Alarm Indication : a) Red LED flashing in ALARAM UNIT.
b) Loud alternating audio tone(Dual frequency tone)
Alarm annunciation scheme

As tabulated below :

Instrument Controls :

a) Acknowledgement icon formuting audio alarm.

b) Reset icon for resetting the Alarm indication and alarm relay.

Instrument Fault indication :

HV failure : Visual alarm with flashing Red LED in ALARM UNIT.

Detector failure :

Visual alarm with flashing Red LED in ALARM UNIT.

External Console

RJ 45 connector for Ethernet port.

Computer Interface : The monitor has a Ethernet 10/100Mbps port for interfacing with a remote Windows PC. The features supported by Ethernet port are given below.

The PC and the GP7201 unit shall operate in a Client/Server configuration and the software(RADGRID) protocol will be TCP.

The PC software shall give commands and send queries. The GP7201 unit will carry out various functions in response to the queries.

The firmware of the monitor shall be able to send the instrument data like instrument IP, instrument type, input range, display range, alarm settings, alarm status, current reading, diagnostic status of EHT/GM tube etc. to the Host PC on demand.

The firmware shall be able to receive commands from Host PC and carry out the setting of different parameters like instrument IP, instrument type, input range, display range, alarm settings, Ack, Reset, instrument address etc.

It can store data for every second. Last 60 Days data will be stored in the Instrument.