Nal Scintillation Detector (Size : 1.5 “x1.5” Flat Type)

Nal Scintillation Detector (Size : 1.5 “x1.5” Flat Type) [ Type No. : SD150F ]

Technical Data
Transducer Flat type Integral assembly
Phospher NaI (Tl), 1.5 x 1.5 inches crystal
Photomultiplier 11/2 inch PMT with mu metal magnetic/light shielding .
Operating Voltage 650 – 850V
Resolution Better than 8.5% with Cs-137
Pre-amplifier Built-in
Gain (Approx) 25
Noise (rms referred to input) Less than 50 micro volts
Output Positive tail pulse
Output Impedance 90 Ohms
Power Requirement (Typical) -12V @12mA

Application : This is mainly recommended & is used along with Gamma Ray Spectrometer type GR612 – a low cost integral system for teaching lab experiments by university physics lab.