Accessories For Beta Sample Counting System

Accessories For Beta Sample Counting System -

Technical Data

The Lead Castle Type : LS 240 is designed to shield the G.M.Counters from background radiation. Lead Castle type LS 240 can house G.M. counters mounted on Geiger tube stand of NUCLEONIX make. The shield is of 40 mm thickness and is built up of multiple interlocking rings. The top and bottom are covered by similar interlocking discs. A door is fitted in the bottom ring with 150 degree opening to facilitate easy access to the sample holding tray of G.M. Stand. The door is fitted with heavy duty hinges and the inside of the lead shield is lined with thin aluminium sheet to minimize scattering.

Dimensions :
a. External : 200mm dia x 370mm height (approx)
b. Internal : 120mm dia x 300mm height
c. Weight : Approx. 96 Kgs.

Stand for G.M. tube type SG 200 has been designed to hold end window G.M. tubes. This stand can be housed inside the lead shielding if required. It has both sample and absorber trays. The position of these trays can be adjusted from the end window of the detector. The stand made up of acrylic sheet is precisely milled for sliding-in of sample and absorber trays.

Sample tray is made up of SS material designed to hold planchets or disc type radioactive standard source ( Beta or Gamma). Aluminimum absorber discs can be interposed between the source and the detector for attenuating the radiation as seen by the detector.

This stand is an essential accessory for connecting end window G.M. tube to any of the G.M. counting systems or Radiation Counting System manufactured by NUCLEONIX.


SS and aluminium planchets are required to place the prepared environmental samples for counting. These planchets are of 25mm dia & have a depth of 2mm. These are designed to fit into the sample / source holder / drawer of the detector assembly.


GM 125 is a Halogen Quenched, wide End Window GM Detector, supplied by NUCLEONIX. It is highly recommended for swipe sample counting of Beta samples by health Physics labs. Its operating voltage is approximately 500V. It has good plateau length and plateau slope. Its operating voltage is approximately 500V. It is enclosed in a PVC cylindrical enclosure for protection & supplied. An MHV socket provided on one side of the PVC enclosure facilitates one to connect to detector socket on rear panel of the counting system.

Application : Suitable for Beta sample Counting
Operating Voltage : Range : 450 – 750 V
Tube Dimensions : Max. over all length 1.93 inches.
Gamma Sensitivity : 50 cps / mR/hr with Co-60
Background with 40mm lead sheilding : <350 counts/1000secs
Efficiency at (1 cm) : (typical) (a) Tl-204 – 18% (b) Sr-90 – 15%
MDL (as measured with Background in Hyderabad at our works): 0.0000099377µCi (0.367666Bq)
MDL (as measured with Background in Hyderabad at our works): 0.0000099377µCi (0.367666Bq)
Max. Diameter : 1.13 inches
Gas filled : Ne + Hal
End Window : mica 2.0 mg/cm sq. density
(v) Beta scintillation Probe (Plastic scintillation based) Type : BSP-2

Beta probe assembly type BSP-2 is a plastic scintillator based assembly consisting of ‘2’ Dia scintillator coupled to ‘2’ PMT. It has thin aluminized foil as Beta entrance window. It is primarily designed to serve as a Beta Probe when connected to a Radiation Counting System.

Operating Voltage Range : 900–1000V
Background (typical)
with 40 mm lead shielding :
≤ 360 counts/1000secs.
MDL (as measured with Background
in Hyderabad at our works):
0.00000382452µCi (0.1415075Bq)
Efficiency (typical) at 1 cm : (a) Tl-204 ≥ 40% (b) Sr-90, Y-90 ≥ 40%; for only Sr-90 it is ≥20%.
(vi) Pancake Detector

This is a pan cake detector sensitive to Beta radiation and with window closed can be used for gamma doserate measurements also. Has large surface window area of 16

Application : Beta-gamma Contamination monitoring and also for gamma doserate measurements

This Detector is a part of Beta/gamma pan cake contamination probe which is used with Contamination Monitor, portable as well as with Bench Model. This detector is equivalent to LND7311.

Gas filling : Ne + Halogen
Cathode Material : 446 SS.
Maximum Length: 3.0 Inches
Effective Depth : 0.5 Inches
Maximum Dia : 2.11 Inches
Effective Dia : 0.61 Inches
Operating temperature range : -55 to +75oc
Window :
Areal Density :
2.0 mg/cm2
Effective Dia : 1.75 Inches
Material : Mica
Gamma Sensitivity : 60 CPS / mR/hr (Co60)
Operating Characteristics :
Max. Starting Voltage :
Recommended Operating voltage : 900V
Recommended Operating voltage : 900V

(i) Count Net – RS485 based networking software (for multiple systems network).

(ii) Data Communication Software : for data downloading from a single system.

(iii) Dot Matrix Printer : Radiation Counting System has a built-in centronics printer port, it can be directly connected to a printer. Data readings stored in the unit can be downloaded onto the printer (Care should be taken while choosing the printers not all printers are compatible. Please consult Nucleonix systems for choosing your printer).