Neutron Rem Monitor

Neutron Rem Monitor [ TYPE : NSM741 ]

Technical Data
Radiation Detected Neutron Radiation.
Detector 3He proportional detector surrounded by 9″ dia Polyethylene sphere, as moderator.
Measurement Range(S) a) Countrate CPS, CPM (0-999999)
b) Doserate (0.1μSv/h to 10mSv/hr)
Neutron Dose Rate (0.1 μSv/h to 10mSv/h).
Alarms Provision for audio/visual alarms if Dose rate exceeds preset level.
Calibration Accuracy Better than +/-10% with Am-241-Be source.
Data storage Can store up to 1000 data readings and stored data can be recalled back on to display.
Serial port (optional) Built-in serial port facilitates data downloading in to PC. Data communication software with connecting cable can be provide at extra cost as an additional option.
Detector Operating Voltage 1000V aprox. + 50V.
Control Buttons ON/OFF, START, STOP, PROG, STORE, INC & DEC are the SEVEN Control buttons provided on the instrument. The above buttons allow the user to program & operate the instruments in appropriate manner.
Power A rechargeable battery of 7.5V (Clustor 1X2) with 3000mAhr.
Weight < 7.5 kgs along with Probe.