Charge SensitivePre-Amplifier

Charge SensitivePre-Amplifier [ TYPE : PA 320 ]

Technical Data

Detector output is also brought out from the second stage, for using it for data acquisition purpose. This unit is provided with built in comparator with threshold adjustment to give TTL output for counting applications.

Detector Load Resistor 10 M Ohms.
Output impedance 100 Ohms.
Charge Sensitivity 1000mv / pico coulombs for first stage. Followed by additional voltage gain stage.
Rise Time Better than 100 nano seconds.
Decay Time Constant 20 msec. (approx).
Charge Sensitive Device Operational amplifier with FET in the front end.
Power Supply +12V@ 20mA , -12V@ 10mA
Dimensions : 155mm L X 95mmW X 50mmH.