Technical Data

Portable Isotope Identifier PI 1002 is primarily designed to detect and identify multiple nuclides. It provides quantified results using field strength analysis and stores the results and spectrum for future reference. The instrument can be operated in the Identifier, MCA, and Dosimeter modes of operation for data acquisition. This instrument performs all the tasks needed in the field survey for the detection & quantification of radioisotopes.

Administrative mode allows a person to see the internal configuration and settings of the instrument that are used for identification of radio isotopes.

This instrument has a simple user interface and a wide range of setup functions and utilities. It can be connected to a remote computer using a USB Serial cable, and can be accessed with any RS-232/USB program that allows the user to capture the file in *.txt format. It is then accessed with PHAST (quantitative analysis) software which provides full functionality of MCA (Multi Channel Analyzer) analysis with all necessary options to do advanced offline analysis possible using MCA.

Isotope identifier facilitates connection to (2” x 2”) / (3”x 3”)NaI integral assembly external or built in to the unit for less than (1½” X 1½ “)detectorsize.

Built in electronics, consists of (0-1200V)@ 0.5A HV module, PMT bleeder circuit , Pre Amp, ADC, controller based data acquisition hardware with 3½ “ color TFT- LCD display etc. It is powered by 7.4V, 5200mAh x 2, Li-ion battery pack. Additionally AC power adapter of 9V, 1500 ma, for battery charger isincluded. Optional devices include: A personal computer / laptop and PHAST software.

Specifications :
Detector Options NaI (Options) : a) Built-in internal detector option with (1 1/2 ” X 1 1/2 “) NaI Integral assembly b) External detector option for (2 ” X 2 “) / (3 ” X 3 “)NaI Integral assembly
Bias : Integral HV supply from (0-1200V @ FWHM : 0.5A) set to actual operating voltage. Calibrated for each detector module.
FWHM : 7.5% at 662 Kev for Cs-137 with NaI detector.
Type : Active shaper
Gain : Adjusted internally
LLD : Through trim pot (internal)
ULD : Through trim pot (internal)
ADC : Type : 18-bit SAR
Speed : 400KSPS
Spectrum Conversion Conversion : 10-bit
Data space : 32-bit/channel
System Controller Processor : MSP430 CPU
Display : 320×240 high contrast 32000 color display.
I/O : USB /RS-232 port for computer connections with 9600-8 N-1configuration.
Clock : 8 MHz
Minimum detection time : 1 sec
Effective Operating range : Energy : 60 Kev to 3 Mev
Dose range : 10 R/hr to 1R/hr or equivalent Sv/h
GM tube Sensitivity : 1.5cps/mR/h
Operating Time : Normal operation : 15 hrs continuous operation with fully charged batteries .
Charging time : 5 hours for full discharged battery
Modes of operation: Identifier mode
MCA mode
Transfer data PC
Administrator mode
Dosimeter mode
Library of isotopes : On board library is provided with 20 radio isotopes easily expandable.
Minimum Alarm level Tested: 2.5µ Ci o f Cs137 at a distance of 50cm with (2”X2”) NaI detector in 20sec
Minimum Detection: 1 sec
Time Provided Display: 3.5” color TFT transflective LCD
Alarm indication Data : Both visual & aural .
Storage : Internal memory to store unto 30 spectra..
Use Interface : Internal 2X 5200mAh Li-ion Batteries.
External : 12V DC from external connector.
Consumption : 3.7W
Charger Type: External to instrument, 9.5V@ 1500 mA

NOTE: Manufactured by Nucleonix systems, based on B.A.R.C Technology.