Power Supply Unit *

Power Supply Unit * [ TYPE : PS 401 ]

Technical Data
Input 230V AC, single phase 50Hz with 10% variation in input voltage range
DC output +12V @3A, -12V@3A, +24V@1.5A, -24V@1.5A Total output load not to exceed 96W at 300 C.
Regulation Better than +/-0.05% over combined range of zero to full load and input voltage of 88% to 110% of rated input at constant ambient temperature after a 60 min warmup.
Stability After a warm-up the voltage shall not vary by more than +/-0.2% of the nominal values at any time during any 24 hours period at constant ambient temperature over the combined range of no load to full load and input voltage +10% to -12% of nominal.
Temperature Range 0 to 500 C without derating. Operation upto 600 C is possible with a derating of 3% per 0C for temperatures above 500. C.
Temperature Coefficient Less than 0.02% per0C upto 500C.
Noise & Ripple (rms) The combined output voltage noise and ripple shall not exceed 10mV
Voltage Adjustment Output is adjustable over a nominal range of atleast +/-0.5% by means of a screw driver adjustment. Adjustment potentiometers are provided on the PCBs and are easily accessible when top cover is removed.
Circuit Projection a. Input of the mains supply is protected by two fuses.
b. Overload and short circuit protection is achieved by electronic circuitry. The output shall recover automatically when the overload / short circuit is removed. Continuous short circuit will not damage the power supply.
Dimensions 430W x 168D x 153H approx. (in mm)