Process Radiation Monitor

Process Radiation Monitor [ TYPE : PRM722]

Technical Data

Process Radiation Monitor Type PRM722, manufactured by NUCLEONIX SYSTEMS employs state-of-art micro-controller based design and is primarily meant to serve as a Gamma Zone Monitor to indicate dose rates and gives audio, visual alarms once the dose rates exceed the preset level fixed by the user. Additionally relay contacts will be activated on alarm condition.

This unit will be useful for monitoring Gamma dose rate levels in working areas of Radiochemical plants / Reprocessing plants waste immobilization plants & other similar radiological installations.

This unit indicates the dose rate digitally on a 4 x 7 segment LED display. Each of the annunciator windows for NORMAL and ACTIVE conditions has LED array. Once alarm triggers ACTIVE window starts blinking.

Unit can be programmed / configured using front panel keypad which can be deactivated after completion of programming. Configuring the unit namely setting preset level, setting reset mode – AUTO/MANUAL etc are achieved by this keypad.

Unit also performs self-diagnostics for EHT failure, pulse processing electronics failure & detectors failure on power up.

Alarm acknowledge and reset pins are provided on the circular I/O connector for remote acknowledge & reset.