Technical Data

Nucleonix Systems’ a high technology Instrumentation company, with its vast design experience in the field of Nuclear Instrumentation, has taken up the mission to develop and introduce equipment for combating COVID-19. As part of this mission, Rack Type UV Sanitizer System Type UV-RAC-6U has been developed and made available for combating the COVID-19 where large amount of material has to be sanitized in single pass.

UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a well-known Inactivation technology. Of all the technologies available, UV irradiation is superior, as it is non-contacting type, to sanitize various household and office articles, gadgets. It effectively damages DNA/RNA of the viruses; thereby damaged organisms cannot replicate. This UV sanitization technology is useful for air, all types of surfaces of gadgets, water treatment etc. It kills variety of viruses, bacteria, fungi etc, including COVID-19

Rack Type UV Sanitizer System, Type: UV-RAC-6U manufactured by Nucleonix Systems is designed to address the critical threat of transmission of COVID-19 through contaminated objects.

This Unit is designed for Sanitizing / Sterilization of Food, Objects, Clothing, Face Masks, Tools, etc. which could have probably been exposed to COVID-19 virus either directly or indirectly by the process of UVc Irradiation. To sanitize the objects, they have to be exposed to UVc radiation in our equipment for a duration of 30 seconds to achieve the desired results.

This product is designed for safe handling of UVc Radiation by the use of safety interlock which cuts off UV Radiation when the door of the unit is open.

UVC Type Wattage: 240W @ 254nm
Active Irradiation Volume: 450mmx600mmx1800mm
Geometry of Irradiation: 4 Pi (all sides of the object) by use of adequate number of UV lamps.
Sample Tray Design: For enhanced sterilization mode, Sample tray designed for zero blind area is used with UV transparent platform. Especially suited for face masks, mobiles, wallets, etc. Sample tray dimensions are 450x600mm
Max. Height of the object: 200mm
Irradiation Time: 30sec
Safety Interlock: Provided by means of micro-switch which detects Door open condition and cuts of UV light.
Start: A Momentary push button is provided for turning the UV Beam ON
UV Sterilization Indication: Indication is provided by the Blue light visible through the front glass.
Standard Sample Tray: An MS powder coated Grill based Sample Tray is offered as a default sample tray for loading samples for standard level sterilization in 4Pi geometry as a low- cost alternative. In this configuration the object has to be flipped upside down and sterilized once again for better quality sterilization to cover any left-over blind areas. Number of Trays are to be procured separately as per customer needs
Enhanced Sterilization Sample Tray: A specially built sample tray with UV transparent glass platform is used for placement of samples for enhanced Sterilization. This is available as an additional option. This platform is transparent to UV Radiation and eliminates blind areas which are normally caused with the use of SS Grill tray or similar. In enhanced Sterilization mode upto kill % of upto 99.9999% of Covid-19, MRSA, H1N1 and other viruses present on solid and non-porous surfaces can be destroyed. Especially suitable for mobiles, wallets, facemasks which require high grade sterilization.
Clothing / Face Mask Arrangement: A specially designed Arrangement for holding Clothing and Face masks is available as an option
Enclosure Material: Powder Coated Aluminum
Supply Voltage: 220VAC, 50/60Hz
  1. We offer a special grade UVc transparent sample tray in enhanced sterilization mode instead of metallic grill to achieve 100% surface coverage. Use of metallic grill defeats the purpose of sterilization partially as the grill obstructs about 10% of the object from the UVc light during sterilization.
  2. during normal use there is no leakage of UVc radiation from the unit. However, we recommend use of UVc protection goggles when operating this equipment.
  3. Do not open the unit when the UVc light is on to prevent accidental exposure