Radiation counting system with accssories for Gamma sample counting (Copy)

Radiation counting system with accssories for Gamma sample counting (Copy)

Technical Data

Radiation Counting System essentially has a processor card and other electronic circuits to generate continuously variable HV upto 1500V to be applied to scintillation detector Probes (alpha, beta, gamma) or End window G.M.Tube, amplify the detector output and convert them to digital pulses for counting and displaying the recorded counts for a preset time.

Microcontroller design facilitates programmability for background, standard and sample counting. The data can be downloaded into PC or printed directly onto a printer.

System facilitates counting of samples either on planchets or filter paper.

This system will find applications for counting of air activity, wipe, environmental, geological and other samples for both beta , gamma and alpha activity. Activity report is generated for unit volume of sample.

Applications : This system will find applications for counting of air activity, wipe, environmental samples, including air, water (river, lake, pond, ground & sea waters).

System can be used by testing labs, Environmental survey labs at Nuclear Plants, in normal or in a Nuclear disaster scenario.

P.M. Input (From alpha, beta,
gamma scintillation detector probe)
(a) Polarity : Negative
(b) Amplitude : -100 mV (min)
G.M. Input (From G.M.Counter) : (a) Polarity : Negative
(b) Amplitude : -500 mV (min)
(c) Built-in load resistor : 4.7 or 3.3M Ohms
HV Output : HV (0-1500V) @1mA continuously variable through front panel keypad in steps of 1 volt, ripple less than 20mV, line & load regulation better than 0.05%.
HV indication : On LCD dotmatrix provided.
Display : 20 x 2 LCD dotmatrix display has been provided to indicate data counts, Elapsed Time and HV.
Counts Capacity 999999 counts
Preset time 1min to 24 hrs (HH : MM) format
Preset cycles / Iterations : 1 to 10
Command Buttons: START, STOP, PROG, STORE, INC & DEC command buttons have been provided on the front panel key pad.
Paralysis Time : A choice of three paralysis times 250, 350 and 550 micro sec plus OFF position selected through PROG key.
Programmability : Includes selection of Preset Time, Storing / Recalling of data, starting and stopping of acquisition, label assignment for data counts BG (Background), ST (Standard) & SP (sample) etc,.
RTC : Built in RTC provides real time clock information which is stamped in the activity report when printed. Built in Real time clock facillitates the user to generate sample analysis reports with RTC stamping. Both date month & time in hrs and minutes are printed.
Scintillation detector probe socket : This is a UHF socket for connecting to a, b or g scintillation Probe.
G.M. Socket : UHF connector for connecting to G.M. Detector
Printer Port : Built-in centronics port facilitates connection to a printer for direct data printing selectively.
Serial Port : Built-in serial port facilitates data down loading into PC through RS232/RS485 port (MODBUS COMPLIANT)
Data Communication Software : (Optional at extra cost) Can be provided for serial transfer of data readings into PC.
PCB Edge Connector : EURO Type.
Inter PCB Connections : Through Mother Board.
Power : Unit is powered works on 230V, AC,50Hz through power / adapter which delivers 12V input to unit.
Operating Temperature: 0 to 500C
Relative Humidity : Upto 90%
nstrument will meet all
requirements applicable to :
(a) Manufactured confirming to ANSI N 42.17.
(b)Complies to IS -9000 part III & V, for climatic test.
(c) Complies to Interference test as per IEC61000 or equ.
Mechanical Dimensions : 250mm(W) X135mm(H)X325mm(D) Approx.

BGD CPM : 0000

CPM OF STD : 00092

DPM OF STD : 00265

EFF. OF STD : 034.7

*FLOW RATE : 01.00

PTIME (BG):0300

PTIME (ST):0300

PTIME (SP) : 0300

0001 BG 11:43 06-09 0000CPM 000180
0002 STD 11:52 06/09 000160CPM 000060 0010dps 26.56% Eff
0003 SP1 11:47 06/09 000196 000060 0000 ml- 0000.00Bq/ml– 01
0004 SP2 11:48 06/09 000180 000060 0001ml– 0009.03Bq/ml– 01
0005 SP3 11:50 06-09 000187 000060 0001ml– 0000.93Bq/ml– 01

Applications:This system can be used for counting ?, ? or ? samples on a 25mm dia planchet or 47/50mm dia filter paper obtained from air samplers, or continuous air monitors in a Nuclear facility. System can also used for wipe sample counting in nuclear counting lab of a Nuclear power plant or similar facility. Also this system can be used in a University for teaching lab experiments in a physics department.

Gamma scintillation probe with stand : [TYPE: GSP-1]

This essentially consists of a 2″ x 2″ NaI Integral detector, with PMT / HV bleeder wired & enclosed in a cylindrical shell with appropriate connector brought out for applying HV bias to PMT & also for taking signal output to the Radiation Counting System. This probe with NaI crystal facing downwards is placed in a sample holder having slotted arrangement for placing sample tray. Samples either filter paper deposited air activity sample or in a SS planchet can be kept for gross gamma activity counting. This Radiation counting system cannot be used for selection of a specific energy band. For applications requiring counting for a specific energy band one has opt for Gamma ray spectrometer.