Radiation counting system with dual scintillator probe for counting Alpha & Beta activity (Copy)

Radiation counting system with dual scintillator probe for counting Alpha & Beta activity (Copy) [TYPE: RC605D & DS 166]

Technical Data

Radiation Counting system is highly recommended for gross alpha/beta activity / contamination measurements (in water & other environmental samples) with one of the detector probes, as required. This system can be used in radio analytical labs, Health physic counting labs and Environmental survey labs at Nuclear power stations. Dual scintillator based probe is the latest addition & most desirable and recommended for simultaneous counting of alpha & beta activity in a given sample , thus it saves time when compared to using of separate probes for counts of α and β.

RC605D amplifies the detector output and converts them to digital pulses for counting and display the recorded counts for a preset time. There are two internal counters which facilitate connection to dual scintillator α and β based probe, which provides simultaneous counting of alpha & beta activity in a given sample.Microcontroller design facilitates programmability for background, standard and sample counting. The data can be downloaded into PC or printed directly onto a printer. System facilitates counting of samples deposited either on planchets or filter paper.

Applications: This system will find applications for counting of air activity, wipe, environmental samples, including air, water (river, lake, pond, ground & sea waters). System can be used by testing labs, Environmental survey labs at Nuclear Plants, in normal or in a Nuclear disaster scenario.

P.M. Input (From α, β & Γ scintillation detector probe): (a) Polarity : Negative
(b) Amplitude : -100 mV (min)
HV Output : HV (0-1500V) @1mA continuously variable through front panel keypad in steps of 1 volt, ripple less than 20mV, line & load regulation better than 0.05%.
HV indication : On LCD dotmatrix provided.
Display : 20 x 2 LCD dotmatrix display has been provided to indicate data counts, Elapsed Time and HV.
Counts Capacity 999999 counts
Preset time 1 to 9999 secs. Settable through keypad.
Preset cycles / Iterations : 1 – 3
Counting channels (internal) : Two
Data Storage : Upto 1000 readings.
Command Buttons: START, STOP, PROG, STORE, INC & DEC command buttons have been provided on the front panel key pad.
Programmability : Includes selection of Preset Time, Storing / Recalling of data, starting and stopping of acquisition, label assignment for data counts BG (Background), ST (Standard) & SP (sample) etc,.
Paralysis Time : A choice of three paralysis times 250, 350 and 550 micro sec plus OFF position selected through PROG key.
RTC : Built in RTC provides real time clock information which is stamped in the activity report when printed. Built in Real time clock facilitates the user to generate sample analysis reports with RTC stamping. Both date month & time in hrs and minutes are printed.
Scintillation detector probe socket : This is a UHV/MHV socket facilitates connection to a variety of probes namely
i. Alpha probe.
ii. Beta scintillation probe.
iii.Dual scintillation probe.
Printer Port : Built-in centronics port facilitates connection to a printer for direct data printing selectively.
USB Serial Port Built-in serial port facilitates data down loading into PC through RS232/RS485 port (MODBUS COMPLIANT)
Data Communication Software : (Optional at extra cost) Can be provided for serial transfer of data readings into PC.
Display : 20×2 LCD dot-matrix display has been provided to indicate data counts, Elapsed Time and HV.
Power : Unit is powered through a 12V adapter.
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50oC.
Relative Humidity : Upto 90%
Mechanical Dimensions : 250mm(W) X135mm(H)X325mm(D) Approx.

This system can be used for counting α, β samples using individual probes or simultaneous counting of (β & α) activity using dual Scintillator probe on a 25mm dia planchet or 50mm dia filter paper obtained from air samplers, or continuous air monitors in a Nuclear facility. System can also be used for wipe sample counting in nuclear counting lab of a Nuclear power plant or similar facility. Also this system can be used in a University for teaching lab experiments in a physics department.

(A) Dual scintillator (a & b) probe with 1” PMT DS166 – 1

Dual Scintillator probe DS166 – 1 designed, developed & manufactured by Nucleonix systems measures simultaneously both alpha and beta activity present in a given sample. It uses dual Scintillator covered with aluminized mylar which is coupled to 28mm PMT, facilitating one to count 25mm dia planchet samples. To minimize the gamma background adequate lead collar shielding of 50mm surrounding the PMT enclosure & 50mm lead base plate(s) have been provided, surrounding the PMT & drawer assembly / brace.

Performance specifications:
PMT used 28mm PMT..
Scintillator Dual Scintillator (ZnS+Plastic).
Operating voltage : Typically from 800V to 900V.
Lead Shielding 50mm lead collar / brace surrounding the PMT & drawer assembly
Weight kg.
Efficiency for alpha(Guaranteed) with calibrated Am241 standard source > 28%.
Standard source used Eckert and Ziegler make alpha wide area reference source of activity 1.020KBq.
Beta cross talk (counts in Beta channel) while counting with alpha source alone < 2.5%
Alpha channel background < 3 to 4 counts in one hour.
Efficiency for beta with calibrated Sr90, Y-90(combined efficiency) standard reference source > 40%, Efficiency for only Sr90 will be ~20%. .
Cross talk Counts Into alpha channel <0.2%.
Standard source used Eckert and Ziegler make beta wide area reference source of activity 1.13KBq.
Background of beta channel (without source)< 3.5 CPM (due to gamma).

SS and aluminum planchets are required to place the prepared environmental samples for counting. These planchets are of 25mm dia & have a depth of 2mm. These are designed to fit into the sample / source holder / drawer of the detector assembly

(D) Alpha standard source:

Am241 alpha standard source of eckart & Ziegler can be supplied as an optional item. This is an electro deposited source on an SS planchet. Typical activity is in the range of 3000 to 5000 dpm.


Sr90 beta standard source can be supplied as an optional item. This is a beta wide area reference source of make Eckert & Ziegler. Typical activity is in the range of 1500 to 3000 dpm.

(F) Optional Accessories:

(i) Count Net – RS485 based networking software (for multiple systems network).

Data Communication Software: for data downloading from a single system.

(iii) Dot Matrix Printer: Radiation Counting System has a built-in centronics printer port, it can be directly connected to a printer.Data readings stored in the unit can be downloaded onto the printer (Care should be taken while choosing the printers not all printers are compatible.Please consult Nucleonix systems for choosing your printer).