Technical Data

‘Nucleonix Systems’ a high technology Instrumentation company, with its vast design experience in the field of Nuclear Instrumentation, has taken up the mission to develop and introduce, equipments for covid-19 combating. This Trolley Mounted UV sanitizer with power backup Type UV-TMS32, developed and made available for combatting of COVID-19 is one such product.

UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a well-known inactivation technology. Of all the technologies available, UV irradiation is superior, as it is non-contacting type, to sanitize various household and office articles, gadgets. It effectively damages DNA/RNA of the viruses; thereby damaged organisms cannot replicate. This UV sanitization technology is useful for air, all types of surfaces of gadgets and for water treatment etc. It kills variety of viruses, bacteria, fungi etc, including COVID-19
UVc Power: Uses two UVc tubes of each of 16W, totally generating 32w output.
Radiation emitted: UV Type C radiation @ 254nm.
Active UV emission window: 20L X 9 W in cm. (Approx.)
Mechanical Dimensions: 30L x 12W x 7.5H. in cm (Approx.)
Enclosure: Powder coated / painted aluminium enclosure, with suitable handle for hand held device.
Trolley: MS powder coated /SS Trolley with power backup for 4hrs of operation
Suggested Time of exposure to kill COVID-19: This data is COVID-19 kill time with 99.99% probability has been estimated at different distances as below for our system, based on the theoretical, scientific calculations, published technical papers, article and reports. – 2 sec at 1cm – 3 sec from a distance of 3 cm – 7sec from a distance of 10 cm – 12 sec from a distance of 15 cm.
Input power: 110VAC / 220V ac, 50Hz / 60Hz
Technology: This product development, is an idea seeded & guided by Dr.M.R. Iyer, an eminent, ex-Scientist of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai. Nucleonix In-house R&D team of the company, has worked under his guidance to develop this product.
Important note: The above data is based on the Theoretical, scientific calculations, published technical papers, articles reports etc.
Applications: UVc light penetrates into micro-organism’s cell membrane. This damages its DNA, prevents growth & kills the organism. UVc sanitizer destroys 99.9% of bacteria & viruses within a few seconds. Eliminates up to 99% of MRSA & H1N1 in just few seconds & kills 99% of germs, viruses and other micro- organisms on solid and nonporous surfaces. It can be used to sanitize fruits and vegetables and packaged food products. N95 masks can be, reused by health care professionals and others. Ideal for use on any surfaces of solid objects to sanitize. It is great for smaller items such as hand held remote controls, lighting switches, keyboards, toys, mobile phones, music players office files, work spaces & more.
  1. Keep this device away from children. UVc radiation is harmful to eyes and skin. Do not directly look at the radiation or expose your skin to the radiation.
  2. It is suggested, to wear UV380 / UV400 type protection goggles/glasses and including gloves during use to prevent any accidental exposure to eyes and hands. Exposure to scattered UV radiation is not harmful.