Uranium Ore- Face Scanning System *

Uranium Ore- Face Scanning System * [ TYPE : FS900]

Technical Data

Measuring Unit developed by Nucleonix Systems is a compact, light weight, portable and battery powered unit. System essentially has two parts consisting of

(a) Electronic measuring unit
(b) Face scanning probe assembly comprising of a detector with adequate shielding is 2p geometry and a long connecting cable.

Unit has three modes for data acquisition namely CPS, CPM and GRADE. In GRADE mode when operated this instrument directly reads, computes and displays ore grade in ppm of course the reading is updated on each time constant (TC).

Initially, this unit is to be calibrated using ore standards. First BG (Background) and averaged BG is acquired and remembered by the unit. Then user can place one to three standard graded samples and enter their values into the system. Once this is done, unit gets calibrated and is ready for use.

Radiation Detected Gamma
Detector Halogen Quenched Beta- Gamma Radiation Detector Type : GM137.
Detector Probe GM Detector type GM 137 is enclosed in cylindrical shell covered with adequate 1? Lead Shielding on all sides excepting on measuring ore Face & connected to measuring unit through a 5 Pin I/O connector.
Modes of Data Acquisition CPS, CPM & GRADE.
TC Selection 10 sec to 100 sec (Applicable for GRADE mode only).
Measuring Range for Grade 0.001 to 1.0% e U3O8.
Background correction Automatic subtraction.
Visual Indicaton i) Dotmatrix LCD display for reading CPS, CPM & GRADE.
ii) Low battery indication on LCD display.
Audio Built-in piezo buzzer provides beeps for every detected pulse.
User Interface) User interface is through SEVEN control buttons START, STOP, PROG, STORE/RECALL, INC & DEC. The above functions allow the user to program & operate the instruments in different modes.
Data storage memory Stores readings upto 1000 readings in built-in EEPROM. Stored data can be recalled on the display or transmitted to PC through USB Port.
Data Communication Built-in serial port facilitates data down loading into PC. Data Communication Software with connecting cable can be provided at extra cost as an additional option.
Dimensions 106.52W x 196.58L x 164 Ht in mm (approx)
Probe 186.61 mm Length x 20mm dia (approx) – without Lead Shielding & handle.