Gamma Ray Spectrometer type GR612, developed & manufactured by Nucleonix Systems is a low cost integral model specially designed to serve the requirements of P.G.Colleges & Universities both for teaching & Research labs. Considerable cost saving is achieved because of optional design & Integral construction, without any degradation in performance.

Radiation Calibration Lab Facilities

Nucleonix Systems, Calibration facilities are accredited to ‘National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories’ ( A Constituent Board of Quality Council of India)

Radiation Survey Meter

RADIATION SURVEY METER (micro) Type: RM701N is a G.M. Detector based, battery powered, hand-held, ruggedized general purpose radiation Survey Meter. This will be useful for dose rate measurements in Nuclear installations, Radiochemical plants, Reprocessing plants, etc.

Alpha Hand & Clothing Monitor

Alpha Hand & Clothing Monitor NXG_HC1_A manufactured by NUCLEONIX SYSTEMS primarily serve as a personnel monitoring system for checking the contamination of hands, & clothing of radiation worker / technicians working in Nuclear Power Plants, reactors, Radiochemical plants and other similar installations