Beta-Gamma Contamination Probe *

Beta-Gamma Contamination Probe * [ Type No.: BCP-3 ]

Technical Data

This uses a thin walled GM tube which is housed in a cylindrical shell made of SS. Detector probe has a ‘cable gland ‘arrangement with cable length being 1.0 meters. There is a rotating shutter arrangement made of SS shell, which is kept open for Beta measurement.

Probe efficiency Better than 5% with Beta source (Sr-90) kept on the surface of the probe.
Detector Thin wall Beta-Gamma detector.
Detector Probe 35cm L X 3.2cm Dia.
Operating Voltage 900V.
Detector sensitivity 90/CPS/mR/hr (Co-60)
Cable Length 1.0 meter

Application : This also serves as a clothing probe, for Beta-Gamma hand, foot and clothing monitor or as a Contamination probe for bench model Contamination Monitor.