End Window G.M. Detector Probe *

End Window G.M. Detector Probe * [ Type No.: BCP-2 ]

Technical Data
Detector GM tube type GM125 with 1″ end window thickness 1.5 – 2 mg/cm2. End cap is to be removed for Beta Contamination measurement and is retained for Gamma radiation measurement
Detector Probe Dimensions 10cm L x 4cm Dia
Detector Cable 1 meter
Detector Dia 1
Detector Head with cap Made in stainless steel
Probe handle Fabricated in black PVC
Operating Voltage +500V
End Window Thickness 1.5-2 mg/cm2
Detector Sensitivity 50 CPS/mR/hr
Efficiency Better than 20%, with Sr-90 Beta source kept at 1 cm from the window of the GM detector.

Application : This is used along with some of the portable reduction monitors for the measurement of Beta-Gamma Radiation.