Counter Timer (AT) *

Counter Timer (AT) * [ TYPE : CT 541A ]

Technical Data

The user interface is through built-in keypad command buttons START, STOP, PROG, STORE/RECALL, INC & DEC. The visual indication is through LCD dotmatrix display. It has on board memory to store 1000 readings. The stored data readings can be recalled onto display or can be printed on a printer.

This unit has a built-in parallel port (centronics) facilitating direct data printing and a serial port RS 232 for connecting to a PC, for data communication.

The other features include programmability for assigning lables for the readings such as BG – for background, ST – for standard and SP – for sample counting.

It can count both positive and negative pulses in the range of 100 mV to 10V and upto a maximum frequency of 1MHz. LCD display indicates preset time, elapsed time and counts.

Input 100mV to 10V, unipolar or positive bipolar semi-guassion pulse
Pulse Width 0.5 micro sec (min)
Polarity Positive or Negative
Input Impedance 5.0 K ohms
Input Counts Capacity 999999 counts
Input Frequency (max) 1 MHz
Pulse Height Discrimination 100mV – 10V by a preset provided on front panel
Modes of Data Acquisition a. Counts for a preset time, b. CPS, c. CPM
Counts Indication 8×2 dotmatrix LCD display
Preset Time Setting Programmable through tactile switch control buttons
Preset Time Range 1 to 9999
User Interface START, STOP, PROG, STORE, INC & DEC are the six control buttons provided on the instrument. The above buttons allow the user to program & operate the instruments in appropriate manner.
Preset Time/Elapsed Time Indication On 8×2 LCD Dot matrix display
Additional Options a. Data communication Software for down loading of data can be given.
b. Printer.
Module connector Amphenol Connector Type : 26-159-24P-H (24 Pin Type) or NIM Standard as per AEC specifications TID 20893 (Rev) Type : AMP 204186-5

Application : It is a part of modular Gamma ray Spectrometer, with single Counter / Timer.