Dual Scaler Timer *

Dual Scaler Timer * [ TYPE : CT 542A ]

Technical Data

This unit can be used in three modes PRESET TIME, CPS & CPM modes. It has on board memory to acquire readings upto 1000. The stored data readings can be recalled onto display or can be printed onto a printer. It can count two inputs simultaneously.

This unit has a built-in parallel port (centronics) and a serial port RS 232 for connecting to a PC.

It is built as a two bit module. It can count both positive and negative pulses in the range of 100 mV to 10V and upto a maximum frequency of 1MHz. LCD display indicates preset and elapsed time and counts of any selected channel.

Programmability of ONE, TWO & FOUR iterations for any particular counting.

Count Input(s) IN1 & IN2 100mV to 10V, unipolar or positive bipolar semi-gaussian pulse
Pulse Width 0.5 micro sec (min)
Polarity Positive or Negative
Input Impedance 5.0 K ohms
Input Counts Capacity 999999 counts
Input Frequency (max) 1 MHz
Pulse Height Discrimination 100mV – 10V by a preset provided on front panel
Modes of Data Acquisition a. Counts for a preset time, b. CPS, c. CPM
Counts Indication 16 x 2 dotmatrix LCD display
Preset Time Setting Programmable through tactile switch control buttons
Preset Time/Elapsed Time Indication On 16 x 2 LCD Dot matrix display
Preset Time Range 1 to 9999
Printer Port Built-in
Serial Port RS 232C built-in
Additional Options (at extra cost) a. Data communication Software for down loading of data can be given at extra cost.
b. Printer.
Module connector Amphenol Connector Type : 26-159-24P-H (24 Pin Type) or NIM Standard as per AEC specifications TID 20893 (Rev) Type : AMP 204186-5