Digital Contamination Monitor **

Digital Contamination Monitor ** [ TYPE : CM 710N]

Technical Data

Pancake Configuration offered in Internal or either in External.

It has lot of unique features which include user interface, through a set of seven command buttons & the visual indication to the user is on 16×2 LCD dot matrix display module. This unit has preset alarm facility which can be set throughout the range of the instrument.Unit can store upto 1000 readings and stored data can be downloaded into PC using communication software, through built-in Micro USB port.


Detector Type : Pancake GM detector.
Dimension : 50mm dia.
Sensitivity (Approx) : 60 cps/mR/h.
a) Detector Probe CM710N(External) This consists of Pancake GM detector housed inside a cylindrical housing with handle. Probe is fixed into a side clamp on one side of the instrument. This housing is provided with cap for Beta/Gamma selection.
b) Detector Probe CM710N(Internal) This consists of Single Pancake GM detector housed inside a cylindrical housing fitted on the bottom side of the instrument. This housing is provided with cap for Beta/Gamma selection.
Radiation detected Beta & Gamma.
Measurement Unit mR/h / uSv/h / CPS / CPM.
Measuring ranges (a) Dose rate : 0 – 200 mR/h (or) 0 – 2000. Sv/h
(b) Count rate : 0 – 99999 CPS. (or) 0 – 99999 CPM.
Preset alarm range 0-200 mR/h (or)0-2000 uSv/h (or) 0 – 99999 CPS (or) 0 – 99999 CPM.
Over range Senses over range & shows on display.
Audio Built-in piezo buzzer provides beeps for every detected pulse and alarm o/p for preset alarms.
Accuracy +/- 10% with Cs-137.
Display Indication 16×2 backlit LCD display for showing doserate/countrate apart from textual screens during configuration.
Data Storage Can store upto 1000 readings. Store data can be recalled back on to display or transmitted to PC through Micro USB Port.
Serial port / data communication Builtin Micro USB port facilitates data downloading into PC. Data communication software with connecting cable can be provided at extra cost.
User Interface START, STOP, PROG, STORE, INC, DEC & ON/OFF are the seven control buttons provided on the instrument. The above buttons allow the user to program and operate the instruments in appropriate manner.
Fault Diagnostics Low battery indication hv fault & detector failure are provided on the display.
Power 6 Volts, DC, size AA, MN1500 LR6 (4 X 1.5 Volts), Alkaline cells.
Response Time <5sec.
RTC Real time stamp recorded with each reading.
Type test compliance a) IP rating is better than IP 56 for unit & probe with shutter closed.
b) EMI/EMC compliance as perIEC 61000-4-3.
Dimensions a)Unit :106W x 196L x 100Ht in mm(Approx.)
b)Probe dimensions:
c)overall length : 25.4cm
d)Dia of handle : 2.5cm X 3.3cm
e)Dia of pancake detector enclosure :65
Weight: a) External Type CM710N – 1.4Kg (Approx.)
b) Internal Type CM710N – 1.3Kg (Approx.)

Serves as a low level contamination measuring unit to check for ß & λ contamination in CPS,CPM modes, in Nuclear & Radio logical facilities ,Radiotherapy & Nuclear medical depts., PET-CT centres, medicine cyclotrons etc. It can also measure low level gamma dose rates at these facilities

Contamination of hands, clothing, work areas, flooring, surface contamination of source housings, surface, ports of therapy machines, industrial sources etc., can be measured.