Radioactive Contamination Analyser (Bq/gm System)

Radioactive Contamination Analyser (Bq/gm System) [ RA1006 ]

Technical Data

Radioactive contamination Analyzer (RaC) RA1006 : RA1006 is a laboratory instrument. It measures Radioactive Contamination (RaC) in metal parts such as steel, brass, Aluminum, Copper and Castings.

It is also highly recommended for steel, Metal Industry(Steel, Brass, Aluminum,Copper)& foundry/casting industry for their QA departments to measure RaC in their components / products. System measure RaC in Bq/g. Most of the portable hand held meters cannot measure contamination in Bq/g. Also hand held meters may fail to detect very low levels of contamination less than 0.1 Bq/g, unless carefully measured & interpreted. Whereas RaC measurement by this system is a fool proof method.

This is a most sensitive equipment designed to record Gamma Spectra of the sample under study. This consists of a 3” X 3” NaI scintillation detector with Pre-Amplifier, High Voltage, Linear Amplifier MultiChannel Analyzer System. Detector is covered by 50/60 mm lead shielding to reduce background. This system can detect nuclide specific contamination in any steel/ alloy / casting sample & quantify it also, in Bq/Kg or Bq/gm etc.

The system configuration consists of
MINBIN with power supply (MB403)
Linear Amplifier (LA520)
High Voltage (HV501)
8K MCA, 3”x3” scintillation detector 50/60mm lead shielding, personal computer system, software for isotopic data acquisition & contamination report generation software.

This system gives isotopic details in addition to quantification of the Radioactive contamination present in steel samples. The System has lot of powerful data processing & analysis features which include spectrum acquisition, printing, plotting, ROI selection, vertical, horizontal scale expansion etc. Software is made very user friendly.


Mini bin :

Accommodates SIX / EIGHT single bit modules or combination of multiple widths with Amphenol connectors. Minibin is primarily designed with the objective of conserving bench space and to achieve significant saving in cost of the Minibin based systems. Bussed wiring is provided to the power connectors to distribute +/- 12V and +/- 24V. A control panel with ON/OFF switch, low voltage test sockets is provided on the right extreme side of the bin

Minibin Dimensions : 11.75″width X 11.00 depth (upto connectors) X 8.75″ height.
Power supply : This is either two and half bit module or a compact box type enclosure fitted at the back of this bin, which generates highly regulated D.C voltages.
Input : (230V + 10%) A.C, 50Hz.
D.C Output : +12V@1.5A, -12V@ 1.5A, +24V @ 0.75A, -24V@0.75A and maximum wattage 72 watt
Regulation : Better than +/- 0.1%
Noise & Ripple : Less than 3 mv
Stability : +/- 0.5% after a 24 hr warmup at constant line, load & ambient temp.
a. Output voltage variable continuously from 0V to 1500 volts.
b. Output current (max) 1mA.
c. Load & Line regulations : Better than 0.005% of full scale.
d. Indefinite over load & short circuit protections and self recovery.
e. Output ripple less than 20mv. f. Dimensions : Single / Two bit module.
a. Input Polarity : Positive or Negative.
b. Total gain (Typical) : 1000 (approx).
c. Output (Unipolar) : 0 to 8V.
d. Max. output (Unipolar) : 12V.
e. Dimensions : Two bit module.
This Lead Shield is designed to shield 3”x3” NaI detector Scintillation Detectors of NUCLEONIX make. LS250 is built-up of interlocking rings with bottom and top plates. The bottom ring is provided with a small opening so that the cables from the Scintillation Detector Pre-amplifier base could be taken out for connecting to the Gamma ray spectrometer counting system. The inside of the lead shield is lined with Aluminium to minimise scattering. Thickness 50/60mm, accommodate 3” scintillation detector including sample of 3” overall size.
Multi-Channel Analyzer (8k MCA) :

Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) is an important part of nuclear spectroscopy system. The major requirement of MCA is for nuclear pulse height analysis in energy spectroscopy. The USB-MCA presented here, incorporates state of art technologies like FPGA,USB bus interface and precision analog electronics to meet the stringent system requirements in nuclear pulse spectroscopy. The resolution supported by the USB-MCA ranges from 256 channels to 8K channels selectable via software, making it suitable for all spectroscopy applications from low resolution (e.g. NaI-PMT) to gigh resolution (e.g.HP-Ge) systems. The USB bus interface of the MCA provides an excellent connectivity with most of the new PCs and lap-top computers. The PHAST application software provided with the USB-MCA, seamlessly integrates with the hardware, featuring a range of standard functions required for analysis and acquisition.

Specifications :
Hardware features:
Software features:

Important software features include * spectrum display in two windows * marker selection (two) for ROI Detection & bracketing the peaks of interest, multiple ROI selection, delection of ROIs etc.

File Handling: Involves storing, loading of complete spectrum.

Print:Save: peak report, Activity report, ROI Report

Acquistion: With pause option

Erase: Erasing spectrum from memory

Spectrum Analysis: Find peak, Shape calibration, Energy calibration, Approx Calib, Efficiency Calibration, Activity Calculation, etc.,

Spectrum smothing: 3,5,7,9 &11 point smothing functions have been provided.

Provided ROI Option: Insert and Deletion

Scale: X-axis can be chosen as Channel number (or) Energy axis (in Kev) & Y – axis has range from 256 to 64M in binary steps with auto scaling option. Y-scale can be linear or log LLD, ULD & base line is soft selectable in built Isotope library for isotope selection & matching.

Fig Efficiency Calibration

Fig Energy Calibration

Fig Isotope Identification and Activity Calculation

Fig. Part of Isotope Library

Fig. Activity Report with isotope identification

NOTE:There will be Continuous improvement and up gradation in the configuration particularly in software features. You will be provided with improved and latest version prevailing during the time of supply.