How to choose your product

How to choose your product -

Technical Data
Product / service Catagory of industry At what stage of production cycle
Radcheck Meter (Internal) [TYPE : RC705I]

Radcheck Meter (External) [TYPE : RC705E]
These products can be used for RaC inspection, at all stages of production cycle.
RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINATION ANALYSER (BQ/GM SYSTEM) [TYPE : RA1006] It is a lab analytical tool, to measure RaC in Bq/g.
At smelting furnace stage, a few samples per Heat are required to be analyzed.
PACKAGE MONITORING SYSTEM [ TYPE : PMS 1009] Recommended at final QA stage
TRUCK / CONTAINER MONITORING SYSTEM [TYPE: TR1021] Recommended at Entry / Exit gates to check RaC in Trucks / Containers carrying input scrap metal / output finished products..
Sample analysis services At smelting furnace stage, one sample per Heat is required to be analyzed.