Digital Pocket Dosimeter – I (Digidose)

Digital Pocket Dosimeter – I (Digidose) [ TYPE : PD 714 ]

Technical Data

Digital Pocket Dosimeter Type PD714 uses a high sensitive Si- diode as the radiation detector. This is designed to fit into pocket & has a spring loaded clip. This serves as personnel radiation Dosimeter to cater to the needs of radiation workers in Nuclear installations, Reprocessing plants, Radiochemical plants etc. It also finds use in medical, industrial, other applications where radioactive isotopes are used for a variety of applications.

It is also recommended as a personal dosimeter in Radiotherapy departments, nuclear medicine centres, cyctron & PET-CT centres. It measures integrated radiation dose in the range of 1µSv to 999.9mSv and doserate in the range of 00.01mSv/h to 999.9 mSv/h. The user interface to the instrument is through the LCD display and a single push button switch. Its design is based on nano watt technology resulting in a battery life of better than 500 Hrs of continuous use.

Additional options :
i. Docking station for PD714
ii. Dose records data management software DS715.

Radiation Detected Gamma / X-ray
Detector Si diode
Display 4 digit 7 segment LCD display
Energy dependence +/– 25% in the range of 60 keV to 1.33 MeV
Range changeover Automatic
Dose 1 uSv to 999.9 mSv
Dose rate 00.01 mSv/hr to 999.9mSv/hr.
Over range 100% over range compliant
PC connectivity Optical port for communication with PC for configuration, calibration & data transfer.
Batteries 3V Li-coin cell Type CR2354 size -23.4mm x 5.4 battery to provide a life of approximately 500 Hrs.
Battery status Low battery indication on LCD
Electronics PIC microcontroller based design.
Control i. A single push button for
a) Powering the unit ON
b) Viewing dose / doserate
ii. IR interface with PC
a. Setting / Reading ID of dosimeter in stored in memory
b. Setting / Reading issued / not issued status stored in memory.
c. Reading current dose reading
d. Resetting dose reading
e. Powering OFF the dosimeter
EMI /EMC compliance Shall not be affected by RF over frequency of 20 MHz to 1000 MHz at an intensity of 10V/m as per ANSI N42.17A. Tolerant to mobile phone interference.
Dimensions 31.5(W) x 124(L) x 14.5(D) mm, excluding clip
Weight Approximately 60 gm.

Hardware :

Software :

DS715 under the control of the PC communication software primarily facilitates automatic readout of Cumulative Dose along with the Unique ID apart from configuration/calibration of the dosimeter. This Docking station DS715 is designed to for dosimeter PD714 which communicates with the Dosimeter through IR port and on the PC side it gets connected through the USB port. Docking station derives power through the USB port..

Dose records data management software (DRMS) is designed to read stored total dose from the dosimeter automatically once the dosimeter is placed in the docking station. It also facilitates assigning Unique ID for individual dosimeters, Calibration of the dosimeters for Cumulative Dose. The Application software routes data to Dosimeter through USB cable to/from docking station which in turn routes the data through IR port to the Dosimeter. Once the data is retrieved into PC, it gets recorded in a MS Access database. Users can retrieve and analyze data – ID-wise, Day-wise, Month-wise, Week-wise. Instrument power OFF is controlled through IR port by the software.