Micro-R-Survey Meter **

Micro-R-Survey Meter ** [ TYPE : UR 706P ]

Technical Data

This unit can measure and display dose rates in the range of 0-10000 µR/hr on a dot matrix LCD Display. Dose rates close to natural background levels can be measured accurately.

Micro-R Survey Meter unit is ideally suitable for Radiometric and Environmental Radiation Monitoring involving low-level radiation dose rates.

This unit employs micro-controller based design and has number of unique features. User can store up to 1000 readings at the press of a button and can recall back, for visual indication on a dot matrix LCD display. This unit is provided with a built-in micro USB port (optionally) through which the stored data can be down loaded into PC.

Detector (a) Nal (Tl) Scintillator, 1″d x1″h coupled to a Photomultiplier Tube. Detector assembly is inside the survey meter enclosure. Energy Response is as per H*(10).
Energy Range 40KeV to 3MeV.
Accuracy Better than +/-15% (specified with a Cs-137 standard source)
Dose Rate (mode) 1nSv/hr to 2000 µR/hr
Range change over Automatic
Data Storage Can store upto 1000 data readings. Stored data can be recalled back on to display.
Alarm Range Configuration Audio / Visual Alarms.
RTC Real Time Stamp recorded along with each recording.
Display Indication Dot Matrix LCD display for dose rate / cum dose. Instrument is supplied with shoulder strap.
Sensitivity 1 µR/hr or 10nSv/h
Time(TC) Adjustable from 2-8sec.
Audio Output Built-in piezo electric buzzer.
Serial Port (optional) Built-in micro USB port facilitates data down loading into PC. Data Communication Software with Micro USB connecting cable can be provided at extra cost as an additional option.
User Interface START, STOP, PROG, STORE, INC, DEC, POWER ON command buttons for setting of parameters & operation of the instrument.
Power 6 Volts DC, BPL Excell or DURACELL ULTRA, Size AA, MN1500 LR6 (4X1.5 Volts), Alkaline cells.
Dimensions 106W x 196L x 100Ht in mm (Approx.)
Weight 1.2kg(Approx).
Type Test Compliance EMI / EMC compliance as per IEC61000-4-3.