Wide Area Alpha Scintillation Monitor *

Wide Area Alpha Scintillation Monitor * [ TYPE : AM 736W]

Technical Data

It is primarily used for routine checking of Alpha contamination on floor, work benches, walls and beams etc. in active labs. Also facilitates counting of wipe samples, air activity samples etc. It is a micro-controller based unit designed to indicate contamination in CPS or CPM or counts for a ‘preset time’ to indicate on LCD display. It has large sensitive area of about 125 Sq.Cm. It operates on 6V, dry cells. Well designed ‘handle’for holding the unit has been provided.

Radiation Detected Alpha
Detector ZnS(Ag) scintillator screen covered with aluminized mylar (serves as entrance window) coupled to suitable PMT with a suitable light guide. User can easily replace Mylar when contaminated or damaged. No screws are used, only latches to hold the scintillator frame.
Detector Viewing Area 125sq cm scintillator (80x160mm) with a sensitive area of more than 85%. Protection cover over detector window is provided for protection when not in use
Drawer assembly This facilitates one to load samples both in planchets or filter paper deposited, for counting application.
PMT Suitable photo multiplier tube
Typical Operating Voltage Range 750 – 900V.
Modes of operation CPS, CPM and CNT for a preset time.
Efficiency Better than 25% with Am241 source.
Preset Time (1-9999) Sec.
Counts Capacity 999999.
Over Range Indication is provided.
Built-in Storage 999 readings can be stored and recalled onto display.
Resolution 1CPS/1CPM/1 CNT.
USB PC connectivity through USB port for dumping data.
RTC Real time clock for time stamp of each data.
Buzzer Aural chirps for each radiation event will be produced.
Display 16×2, dot matrix LCD display.
Power: Operable on standard dry cells (1.5V X 4) 6 volts DC, Size AA, LR6, Alkaline cells BPL Excell or its equivalent or Rechargeable NiMH (1.2Vx5) 6VDC, size AA, LR6 or Battery eliminator.
Dimensions: Less than 115x230x115mm.
Weight: <1.5kg.
Type Test: EMI/EMC test as per IEC61000-4-3.
Carrying Case (Optional): A rugged proof carrying case suitable during transportation can be offered optionally on request..
Option 1: Is a standard product with specifications as detailed above.
Options 2: Wide Area Alpha Scintillation monitor is offered with sample drawer assembly, which facilitate one to count wipe sample deposits on 2? dia filter paper and also can be used counting for planchet deposited samples.