Rad Check Meters *

Rad Check Meters * [TYPE : RC 705 I/E]

Technical Data
manual Most Widely used product by Metal Industry in India

RC705 I & E measures contamination in doserate in Siverts / hr (nano/micro), Roentzen / hr (micro), CPS, CPM. It has built in user presettable alarm facility to declare the product as contaminated. Unit gives audio /visual alarms once it exceeds preset level. It is advised to preset the alarm at least 1.5 times or more than background radiation level, at that place.

Unit can detect less than 0.05µSv/hr in a field of 0.2 µSv/hr during a period of 1 sec (when tested with Cs-137 and Co-60).


Detector Scintillator coupled to a Photo multiplier Tube.
Options A. Built in detector scintillator size 1” x 1”.
B. External detector with scintillator size 1” x 1”.
Acquisition Mode Measurement Range CPS: (0-50000) or CPM : (0-5000).
Dose rate: (1-10000) µR/hr or (1-99999) nSv/hr.
Range Changeover Automatic.
Accuracy Better than +/-15% with Cs-137 (above 100µR/hr).
Better than +/-25% with Cs-137 (upto 100µR/hr).
Over range This instrument will show over range above the 10000 µR/hr.
Alarms Facility Provision for audio/visual alarms if it exceeds preset level.
Alarm Preset Level User selectable in all modes.
Sensitivity a. 0.1 µR/hr/1nsv/h in terms of Radiation unit.
b. Interms of minimum measurable RaC, it Can detect 30 KBq of Co-60 contamination homogeneously distributed in a Steel sample upto 10 cm away with internal probe arrangement and upto 20 cm with external probe arrangement.
Display Indication Dot Matrix LCD display for dose rate.
Time Constant (TC) LOW, MED, HIGH.
Audio Output Built-in piezo electric buzzer.
Serial Port / Data Communication Built- in micro USB port facilitates data down loading into PC.
User Interface i) Power ON/OFF switch. ii) START, STOP, PROG, PROG, INC, DEC command buttons for setting of parameters and operation of the instrument.
Fault Diagnostics Low battery indication is provided.
Power Operable on standard dry cells (1.5V x 4) 6 volts DC, Size AA, LR6 Alkaline cells AC adaptor working on 230VAC shall be supplied optionally.
Type test compliance a) Conforms to ANSI N42.17A performance specifications for Health Physics instrumentation (portable).
b) compliant.
Dimensions 106W x 196L x 100Ht in mm (Approx.)
Weight 1.4 Kg (Approx.)
APPLICATIONS This product is recommened for use in metal industry including Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Foundry and Engineering Industry for Radioactive Contamination (RaC) inspection of their products.
Person Checking for Radioactive Contamination Using RAD CHECK METER With 1″ X 1″ NaI External Detector Probe
Person Checking for Radioactive Contamination Using RAD CHECK METER With 1″ X 1″ NaI Internal Detector