Radiation Monitor (RADMON)

Radiation Monitor (RADMON) [Type: RM701N]

Technical Data

This product is designed around a Microcontroller Chip. It is provided with alpha Numeric LCD display for indicating the doserate in digits, cumulative dose in digits. It covers wide range from 0 to 10R/hr (0 to 100mSv/hr), in two ranges with auto ranging. This unit has a facility for storing the data into built-in E2PROM along with real time. The stored data can be recalled on to the display or transmitted to PC through USB port.

Detector : GM counter Type GM 130 with energy compensated filter.
Radiation detected : X & Gamma, from 60Kev to 1.3 MeV.
Energy Response : Within +/- 20% of true response from 60 KeV to 1.25 Mev.
Measurement Unit : mR/h / µSv/h / cps /cpm.
Preset alarm range: 0-10000.0mR/r (or) 0-100000 µSv/h.
Measuring Range: 0 – 1000.0 mR/hr (Low Range)
1 R/hr – 10 R/hr (High Range)
0 – 10,000 µSv/hr (Low Range)
10 mSv/hr – 100 mSv/hr (High Range)
Over range : Unit shows over range above 10R/hr to 1000R/hr.
Range Changeover : Automatic
Accuracy : +/- 15% with Cs-13
Display : 16X2 alpha numeric LCD display; Digital display of dose rate and units in the first line, Bar graph or dose display in the second line.
Audio: Built-in piezo buzzer provides beeps for every detected pulse and alarm o/p for preset alarms.
Serial port / data communication: Built- in Micro USB port facilitates data downloading into PC.Data communication software with connecting cable can be provided at extra cost.
Response Time: < 5 sec.
Data Storage : Can store upto 1000 readings. Stored data can be recalled back on to display or transmitted to PC through micro USB port.
User Interface: A part from powering unit ON/OFF, STORE, INC ,DEC & ON/ OFF are the seven control above buttons allow the user to program and operate the instruments in appropriate manner.
Real Time Clock : Real time stamp recorded with each reading.
Fault Diagnostics: Low battery indication hv fault& detector failure are provided on the display.
Type test compliance a). IP rating is better than IP56 for unit.
b) EMI/EMC compliance as perIEC61000-4-3.
c) Radiation Performance Complies to IEC61584:2001.
Dimensions : 196H x 106W x 50D mm (approx.)
Weight : 1kg (approx.)

Applications : Used to measure leakage radiation levels from various therapy machines & also to check leakages from other sealed sources.