Special Minim Bin With Power Supply

Special Minim Bin With Power Supply [ TYPE : MB 404A]

Technical Data
INTERCHANGELABILITY Mechanical Tolerance are in accordance with TID 20893 (Rev) enable interchangeability of all NIM standard modules .
PANEL DIMENSIONS Standard rack 8 ¾ inches high and 8 single bits wide excluding, control panel.
DEPTH BEHIND PANEL Approximately 10.9 inches.
BIN CONNECTORS 8 NIM standard connectors (42 pin as per AEC specifications) at the panel as specified by Nucleonix, wired in parallel for standard voltages.
INSTALLED WIRING All the EIGHT connectors are wired for +12V,-12V,+24V and -24V and high quality GND in accordance with TID 20893.
CONSTRUCTION Bin is constructed with two side aluminium with casted handles, top and bottom grilled steel rod mesh with two side channel supports, module guides and a connector plate at the back and a two bit space reserved for power supply module.
MECHANICAL DIMENSIONS 11.75″ width x 11.00″ depth upto connector plate x 8.75″ height.
Power Supply unit
POWER SUPPLY UNIT This is a compact enclosure seated at the rear side of the bin which generates and provides DC supplies to all the bussed power connectors of the bin.
INPUT Voltage 230V AC, 50Hz, +/-10% variation allowed.
DC OUTPUT +12V DC @1.5A, -12V @1.5A, +24V DC @0.75A, -24V @0.75A, +6V DC @ 3A, -6V DC @ 3A. 70watts maximum output.
REGULATION Better than +/-0.1%/td>
NOISE AND RIPPLE Less than 10mV (rms) as observed at the power supply output connector level.
VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENTS +/- 5% minimum range.
CIRCUIT PROTECTION Input AC lines fused. Output is protected against short circuit and power supply recovers fully on removing the short circuit.