Nim Instrumentation Bin

Nim Instrumentation Bin [ TYPE : IB 402 ]

Technical Data

IB 402 Modular System Bin provides mounting space for twelve standard modules each of 1.35 inches width and 8 ¾ inches high type. The twelve corresponding module connectors are provided with necessary wiring for distribution of all the standard power supply voltages. A small control panel not occupying any of the available module space is located at the right side of the bin, providing control switches, test points and indicator lamp for power supply.

Interchangeability Mechanical tolerances in accordance with TID 20893 (Rev) the bin provides for all standard modules.
Panel Dimensions Standard rack 8 ¾ inches high and 19 inches wide
Module Connectors Twelve connectors of 42-Pin Type per bin at the panel as specified by TID-20893 (Rev) or Equivalent.
Depth Behind Panel Without power supply 10.9 inches, with power supply 18 inches (approx)
Installed Wiring All connectors of IB402 are wired in parallel for +6V, -6V, +12V, -12V, +24V & -24V, High quality GND, power return & 115V AC in accordance with TID-20893 (Rev).
Construction Bin is constructed with side aluminum with casted handles, top and bottom grilled steel rod mesh with two side channel supports, module guiding channels made up of plated steel rods with ‘U’ grooves and connector plate at the back.
Mechanical Dimensions 400mm Width x 266mm Depth x 220mm height (approx.)
Weight 4 Kg (approx)

Note: Essencial attachment : Power Supply PS402/PS402H